Easy Journaling is built with the purpose to make- wait for it- journaling easier. Of course this has turned into a heavy emphasis on taking part in the practice with digital means which is usually things like smartphones, tablets and computers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that journaling is easier if done digitally. This is just the result of, in my own experience, if I don’t keep a journal electronically in my currently busy life, I don’t keep one at all.

If you notice the poll to the right of this post, you will see a simple question with a few options. Even though this poll just started and only has a few votes, pen and paper is the preferred way to journal by a decent margin. This may change as votes continue to come in, but in the bigger scheme of things, the results really don’t matter.

To me, if I can help you get into any kind of journal and/or improve your practice, I have succeeded. Since there are many others in the journaling space online, I am grateful to be the digital go-to for this incredible pass-time. That doesn’t mean, however, that I haven’t personally filled several bound journals nor discourage your keeping a journal or diary with pen and paper, Morse code or stitching (or… whatever). As long as it fulfills you and it fits into your schedule, I say go for it!

Photo Credit - Dmitriy

Photo Credit – Dmitriy

The tricky part of all of this is that, unless you have tried all different ways to journal, how can you know that your preferred method is the best for you? When I first got started with journaling online, I definitely felt that it was the right way for me at that point. How did I know? Because I did it consistently for the first time in years. I felt the security of the cloud and the power of my typing skills over my scary handwriting.

If there is a moral to take away from this, know that pretty much any way to journal isn’t, by itself, better than any other way. However, there is a best way for you to keep a diligent journal or diary and my challenge to you today is that if you have never tried anything other than the current way you are doing it, try something different. There are free options here and here if you want to try the method I am currently into and preaching. Then again, if you have never journaled in any form and only been active on Facebook or Twitter, I invite you to feel the subtle power of silently writing in a blank, bound paper journal.

Anyone disagree and not open to trying a new way of journaling?