tumblr_inline_mn5dfwk8yW1qz4rgpDigital Journaling Survey? Yes Please!

It is always nice to find like-minded individuals around the interwebs and I’m excited to have recently bumped into Ramy from Narrato (okay, he bumped into me but… whatever). He and his team are not just creating a journaling service but an entire lifelogging service! This means that you will be able to track and quantify many aspects of your life automatically and privately…cool!

As you know, as far as journaling goes I lean more to the capturing life side of things and less on the improving life side of things. That is why I am excited about what Narrato is doing and how they are doing it. They also recently conducted a survey asking about many of the topics we discuss here on EJ including “What device do you use to journal?” and “What do you like to attach to your entries?”

Ramy has graciously allowed me to share this information but feel free to head over to his blog for the full survey results with more detail and analysis than I am giving here.

Key Insights

  • Over 30% of respondents have tried to keep a journal, but given up.
  • 55.5% used their smartphones as journaling tools
  • Only 30.5% use a tablet to journal
  • Data ownership and control is the most important consideration when choosing an journaling app
  • People would rather add locations, people, and weather to their journal entries than videos, mood, and audio notes.
  • Most people pay between $3 to $5 for apps.