Photo Credit - J Dreijer

Photo Credit – J Dreijer

It’s all about the “e” in eJournal

You may have heard the term ‘eJournal‘ here or abroad, especially in reference to a journal app or online diary. While the term can actually mean several things depending on context, including online medical, law or scientific journals, when discussed about personal journaling, eJournal simply means “electronic journal”. There are many other “e” words gaining popularity including “edating”, “elife” and “efriends”. In all of these examples, the e originally stood for electronic, just like eJournal and just like email.

…and almost as popoular as the “i” in Apple

This is a very similar phenomenon to the “iEverything” trend. Originally started over a decade ago with the iMac from Apple, this notation grew so popular that the company started tagging and “i” onto everything including iPods, iPhones, iChat and, more recently, the iPad. But does anyone even remember what the “i” stood for in the first place?

It was actually for internet as the iMac was really pushing the built-in connectivity to the infant World Wide Web. The funny thing is that “internet pod” doesn’t even make sense!

Forms of eJournals

Anytime you write in a journal in a digital form, you are eJournaling. This includes using a simple word processor, journaling via email, using an application on your smartphone or using an online journal. All of these are eJournals.

If you want to know about the scholarly type of electronic journal, Wikipedia has a pretty good description.