Difficulty: Medium

I once had a brilliant idea for my journals. I wanted to get colored pencils and go through them, page by page, color coding different themes. I would use blue for inspiration, yellow for a funny story, green for a life changing event, and so on.

Of course I never did this. It would be far to much work for something no one would ever appreciate, including myself. Fortunately, with eJournals, I have realized that a small variation on this idea is not only possible, but it is easy and very effective.

If you use an online or mobile journal, you may be aware of a “Search” function built in (if you haven’t yet started one of these, you should probably make sure the one you choose has this feature). This is a great way to quickly find an event or a person you know you wrote about in the past. This is one of the key selling points for switching to digital journaling as a similar search through a physical journal would be nearly impossible.

To get  the most out of the search function and to easily index your journal, use this tip the next time you make an entry. For different life events, write what the event was right before you write about the actual event. For example, perhaps your sister called you and told you something profound you want to remember. Before you write the quote in your journal, write “great quote” just before it. Or, for another example, maybe you went sky diving for the first time. You could write “first time” before that part in your entry. Later, this experience will be grouped with all of the other ‘firsts’ you write about.

The result would hopefully be a more organized journal and also quick access to the important things in your life you want to remember. Using the search function, you will soon be able to search “great quote” and many great quotes will be right in front of you without further work.

Here is a short list of other life search keywords you could try:

  • Funny Story
  • Awesome Day
  • Deep Thought
  • Tragedy
  • Holiday
  • Life Changing Event
  • Last Time
  • Regret
  • Goal

I’ll be honest, I haven’t yet tried this as I just had this idea. I am excited to though, and will try and update you on my experience.

What are some other keywords that could be used? Leave them in the comments.