Want to get started in a journal on your iPhone but feeling light in the wallet? This list covers the best available free journals and diaries for the iPhone. Some of these don’t have all of the features that I preach you should hold out for, but then again, they won’t cost you a penny so what will it hurt? Then again, a few of these are packed with the goodies many paid apps have and I’m not sure how they can be offered for free.

Also note that there are a ton of other free journal apps available, but many of them require an in-app purchase to unlock unlimited entries or other basic features. This list is made up of diaries that (I believe) are fully functional without additional purchase. Clicking on the icon will take you to the app in the app store and clicking on the name will take you to a full review here at Easy Journaling (except for My Tymz and MeDaily).

So try one or try them all and, as always, let me know if I missed one.

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