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The iPad continues to grow in popularity as the apps available increase every day. If you have ever wanted to turn your iPad into your own personal journal, you are not alone. There are dozens of great apps available, and fortunately, they don’t have to break the bank to get started.

In fact, if you can handle the occasional iAds or missing functionality, there are actually some decent journals for the iPad that are absolutely free. This is the top 5 along with important information. If you have tried any of these, please sound off in the comments below describing your own personal experience.

Note that these descriptions are from the developer and I have not personally tested every one of these. Clicking the title of the app will take you to the apps page on iTunes.

Private Journal

This simple to use and intuitive application allows you to keep a track of your life, what you have been doing, how you have been feeling and further it allows you to capture your moods, contemplate your achievements and reflect on what now, what next, whatever you want….

Use it as you need to keep notes, capture pictures, load music – and it’s private so no pressure, no criticism – your place be yourself on your iPad.

Free for a limited time!

Leather Diary

Stylish diary with high quality graphics, advanced page navigation, sketch, handwriting, analog clock, sticky notes, bookmarks, lock and more.


Looking for a place to record and write down your thoughts and ideas? Need to write down directions or other important information?

iJournal is designed as part notebook, part journal/diary. so whether you are wanting to write about an experience you had, or simply need to take notes for physics class, you can do so here.

Features include:
Customizable text styles and backgrounds
Entries can be sorted, edited, and deleted
Password Protection: Keep your notes safe from prying eyes
All notes are neatly displayed on an elegant home screen for easy access, and by default are sorted by date of creation.
Upload a photo of yourself, add basic information about you, and personalize the home screen.
Need to pick up where you left off? home screen has a section displaying the text from your last entry.
Keeps track of total number of notes and other statistics.
Application is intuitive, and easy to use.

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iDo Notepad

iDo Notepad – is a simple to use notepad application which has been written specifically for the iPad & iPhone/iPod Touch. Add as many entries as you wish, search and sort using the built in search/sort facility, assign different icons to represent different events in your notes, password security stops people peaking at your notes, delete notes no longer required, calendar allows you to select different dates for your notes.

* Tab Button
* Receive and export files between iDo Notepad and other enabled applications

You can now export your note into any other application on the device that can handle text files, simply tap the action button at the top right of the screen, if an app is installed on the device that can handle text files a list of the apps will be displayed, simply tap the app name and the file will be exported and sent to the app, As well as being able to export text files from ‘iDo Notepad’, the app will also handle files from other apps, as above if another app has a text type file this can be sent to ‘iDo Notepad’ and will be displayed on the screen, the file name will be set in the title and the note will be automatially saved within the notepad.

My Secret Diary

Enter a secret world that only you can experience!
What are you thinking, how do you feel, what is happening in your life? Capture your day in this special place!

Use pictures, text, notes and music that reflect your mood and then decorate the page with stickers. Enable your creativity and reflect your life!!

– Stylish, easy to use interface.
– Three-digit lock code, to keep your secrets private.
– Sticky notes, to help you remember important details.
– Attach photos from your albums directly onto the page.
– Choose from a collection of stickers to brighten up the page.
– Set the mood, with music played from your iTunes library.
– Remember the extra special days with easy to use bookmarks.
– More features coming soon!