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New Year’s is a season for reflection and contemplation.

It is a time for change.

This is the third New Year in Easy Journaling’s existence. Looking at the traffic on those past two days (a bunch of people came to this website), it is apparent that journaling is a common New Year’s resolution.

It makes sense, really. Journaling can both preserve history and improve life. A personal journal can even help you with your other resolutions including losing weight, progressing careers and improving relationships.

While I think that we should be making goals and resolutions year round, I do like the fact that many people try to change this time of year that probably otherwise wouldn’t. For this reason, I want to give a few quick ways that you can make keeping a personal journal a habit that will last long past January. 

  1. Connect with other ‘professional’ journalers. This link will take you to a Twitter list of 24 individuals that teach journaling and make it part of their daily lives. I know most of them personally and they will love to hear your story and help you with any questions you have.
  2. Find the right digital journal for your iPhone, iPad, Android device or computer. Just go to the free, answer a few questions and you will get a list of personalized digital journal recommendations!
  3. Get the resources you need. I’ve written 4 books on the subject of journaling. They have seen many positive reviews on Amazon and you can get all of them together for just a fraction of what they would cost separately. In fact, we have lowered the Digital Journaling Bundle ($40+ value) to only $10 until after New Year’s! You get the 4 books, a mini-guide called 10 Steps to Becoming a Level 5 Journaler, a database of over 70 digital journals and the Mp3 audiobook version of Modern Journaling.
  4. Set an alarm on your phone for 8:37 PM. Why this random time? Because every time you will see it you will remember this post and write in your journal! (it works)
  5. Read the 10 Ways to Turn Journaling into a Habit that I wrote for last New Year’s.
  6. Write a journal entry… NOW!

I applaud you on making this and every other resolution. You are on the right track and I hope you will reach out to me if you have any questions. Many do and I love every question and word of encouragement! (