Photo Credit - Oleh Slobodeniuk

Photo Credit – Oleh Slobodeniuk

Routine is the best friend of consistent journaling. Once that daily schedule is broken, however, things get a little murky and one who writes an entry every day can easily find themselves a week behind.

So what do you do? Should journal goals only be for days of routine? I am currently finding myself in this situation. On the road for over a week, I still want to keep up writing these memories, especially since I am making them with family and friends I don’t see every day.

One tip is to not get discouraged. If you miss a day, don’t sweat it. Worrying about it will only increase your risk of missing more days in a row. Just make the next one a little longer. You can also consider writing two entries to make up for one if keeping your goal is that important.

Several online journals accept journal entries via text or email. Send a quick post with the highlights of the trip. If you are the passenger in a long drive, consider using that time to write out an email.

Even if you you don’t journal the entire vacation, chances are you took pictures, likely a lot of them. Attach one of these to a blank journal entry and know that it will be more telling than most written entries.

Utilize down time like airport terminals, and long lines to catch up.

On your packing list, remember to include your journal or device that you keep your journal on. If you forget it, don’t worry, a Fiji napkin or back of a postcard make great replacements for your physical journal. Just tape or staple it in later. If you eJournal, find a hotel lobby computer, write an entry and email it to yourself. Later you can copy and paste it.

The harder it is to journal, the more likely it is that there are some great memories to record.