If you are looking for the perfect journal to compliment your slick new iPad, you have come to the right place. That’s right, these are the top 5 iPad journals and diaries to keep your entries and make them beautiful.

So what would you want in an journaling app for the iPad? Many of them have beautiful interfaces and are loaded with features like syncing with other services like Dropbox, social media check ins, and maps just to name a few. Others have interfaces that focus solely on the task at hand- getting your thoughts down in writing and nothing more.

The Top 5 iPad Journals and Diary Apps

(in no particular order)

Day One


This iPad journaling app is the most expensive I’ve listed here at $4.99 but is also probably the most popular. It boasts a beautiful interface and the one feature that stands out for this app is the sync feature. If you have the Mac, iPad, and iPhone versions of this app, they will sync with one another via either Dropbox or iCloud. So now matter what device you are using you can just grab another and pick up where you left off!

Here are some of its notable features:

– Photos
– Tags and hashtags
– Gps Locations, Foursquare Places
– Weather and Temperature Data
– Calendar View
– Search
– Passcode Lock
– Reminders
– Text Formatting
– Starred Entries List
– Entries by Year view
– Send as Tweet
– Foursquare Check-in
– Email entry
– Full Screen Mode.






According to the developers this app was built from the ground up for the iPad so both landscape and portrait modes are supported. At 953 user ratings it’s a very popular app and has a mid-range price tag of only $2.99 One feature that stands out on this app is the ability to view previous journal entries while you are entering a new ones. This can come very handy when you want to reference other parts your journal for inspiration while you are writing.

Other features include:

– Password protection
– Different Fonts
– Search for previous entries
– Saves as you type
– One page focus in portrait mode
– Jump to any date by tapping the date.
– Change the date of any entry by tapping and holding it
– Autocorrect as you are typing
– Entries are backup when your Ipad is backed up.
– Entries can be exported through an email attachment.




My Daily Thoughts


This app is brought to you by the same developer that developed My Daily Journal. My Daily Thoughts it has a no frills clean looking interface. Although it’s not as fully featured as it’s cousin My Daily thoughts, one feature really stands out. You have the ability to make multiple entries per day. For those of use who like to write our thoughts down throughout the day, this feature can come in handy and keep your full day’s entries all in context.

Here is a list of the other features you will be getting for the low price of $.99:

– Full Screen writing mode (hide toolbars by double tapping)
– Lock down your writing with a password
– Back up your journal via Dropbox
– Export your entire journal via PDF
– Support for dictation on iPhone 4s/5 and iPad (3rd Generation)




Chronicle for iPad


This app is fully featured and has a very robust and customizable interface and will only set you back $2.99. The most notable feature about this journal app is that you can export your entire journal to a website! This can be a very cool and convenient feature for bloggers. Another nice feature- you can easily embed photos anywhere you like in your journal entries.

Here are some off the other features you’ll be getting:

-Distraction free writing in portable or landscape mode.
-Pick your font and font size
-Make your text lighter or darker with a tap.
-Adjust the date of your entries by tapping the date.
-Add photos from your library and slide them where you want.
-Pinch to resize photos. Use two fingers to rotate.
-Export singles entries via email with photos embedded.
-Export the text of your journal by email
-Export your journal ot Google Docs
-Create a PDF version of your journal






This is an app that steps outside of the box as far as visualization and even offers a unique export option- epub (a standard ebook filetype). You can also export to PDF and keep multiple journals- two of my favorite features! With a rating of over 4 stars and at only $1.99, myMemoir is a viable option even in comparison of some of these other big names.

Other features include:

-Simple user interface
-Save multiple journals with themes, photos, and videos
-Comes with 9 preset journal themes
-Optionally password protects your journals
-Displays date, time, and title for each entry
-Contains a calendar to keep track of entries
-Search, browse, reorganize your entries
-Imports plain text files
-Create eBooks with pictures by exporting as ePub
-Export, email, or send to Dropbox as ePub, PDF, TXT
-Use Dropbox to create backups to restore them at a later time
-Auto-saves upon quitting



Journaling has come a long way from standard pen and paper. Thanks to tools like these iPad journaling apps you can enjoy a full featured writing experience with beautiful customizable interfaces and robust syncing tools. Or you can always just pick an app that stays out of your way and just presents to you a sleek minimal interface that let you focus purely on the task at hand- putting your thoughts into words.