HBOOK009If you receive the Easy Journaling updates, you recently learned that I have just released my latest book, 101 Reasons to Write a Journal. This ebook goes in depth on over a hundred different reasons why you should pick up journaling (if you haven’t already) and mixes some suggestions, stories and inspiration to go along with the motivation. It turned out better than I could have hoped and I am grateful for all of you that helped me on this project. The following is the story behind 101 Reasons which you will find in the forward of the book.  -Sam

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The little one was finally snug in his crib, and the newly expecting wife had crashed after a long day of chasing him around. I was left with a few rare hours of peace and quiet. Quiet except for the constant swishing of cars on pavement that had become a mainstay ever since we had decided to rent a place right next to a minor arterial roadway. The cars didn’t bother me, though. Not anymore, especially not on this night.

Easy Journaling had been live for only a few months, and the difference I had hoped to make had amounted to half a dozen comments and a few Twitter followers. My early devotion to nearly a blog post a day had resulted in a single location where someone could search and compare most of the best iPhone journal and diary apps, but the whole of the website really wasn’t compelling. My app reviews were unlike those I used to write at and the commentary sprinkled throughout wasn’t overly intriguing or original.

What I was trying to do could be compared — in my mind, at least — to the Linkin Parks and P.O.D.s of the 90s who combined the usually different genres of hard rock and hip hop with surprising success. They weren’t the first to do it, but they were among the first to go mainstream and earn some coin doing so. I was hoping that my collaboration of technology and journaling along with, perhaps, a little wit and strategy, would bring the two together in glorious harmony in similar fashion. So far, however, the process had been discouragingly slow, and I knew a change of pace was in order.

“Top reasons to journal” fell out of my fingers into the large Google search bar, and I scanned the results. “Top 10 Reasons to Journal” showed up in a few locations, and I eventually found a Top 17 somewhere buried a few pages back.

Now, I had been keeping a personal journal for at least two decades, and I was still only in my mid-twenties. Off the top of my head, I could think of at least 50 reasons why someone would/should keep a journal.

This was a void I could fill.

About four hours and three thousand words later, it was finished — 101 Reasons to Write a Journal. Before now, the posts on Easy Journaling averaged maybe a fifth of that word count. If I had any active readers that enjoyed my short posts, they were about to be sorely disappointed. To a small community that had come to expect snowflakes, I had just dropped an avalanche.

I now look at that singular post as one of the major turning points in the direction of the website. The post took the website from being a blog with perhaps a unique topic to a place where readers would find something they couldn’t get anywhere else.

The feedback received has been better than I ever expected. Comments on the post have included:

“D***, I’ve searched too many sites on diary writing, and nothing was useful until I found this article… this is exactly what I wanted to understand what to include in a diary and why! excellent!!”

“This is an amazing list :-)) Well done! And thanks for putting in this much effort.”

“I’m 52 retired & last time I wrote a journal was when I went to Texas. Thought the net would give me a good place to find ideas…..this is the 1st site i came too>JACKPOT!!! Just what I needed”

“This is awesome! I wonder how powerful this be if it was taught along with alphabets and numbers, during our kindergarten days…. “

A few months ago I received this email:

Dear Sam,

            I am requesting permission on behalf of Dr. Wexler of the University of Missouri Kansas City. He has chosen your article “101 Reasons To Write a Journal” to include in a course packet for his English 225 course this Fall. If you allow him to include your article in the packet, he will use it for educational purposes only and the University will sell that packet at not-for-profit costs.

            Thank you,  

If a simple blog post has inspired so many, I am hoping that an entire book full of the same stuff will multiply the difference it was making. I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to realize that.

In short, the world is in need of more motivation to journal. I applaud you for beginning this journey or for striving to improve upon it. By writing the thoughts and desires of your heart, you are among a small population of this world that actively work to improve who they are and the world they live in. All of you motivate me to be better and give me reasons to change the world. Now I give you reasons in return.

101 to be exact.

Learn more here or see the original 101 Reasons blog post (with all of the original comments) here.