Journal keeping the electronic way has come a long ways in the past few decades. From PC’s in the 70’s and 80’s, the internet in the 90’s and mobile devices in the past few years, journaling has arguably gotten easier, funner and more feature packed.

So then where is it going? What do we have to look forward to in personal journal and diary keeping between now and think tweets? Luckily I have a crystal ball I reserve for just such occasions. The following predictions are based on interpolating (LOVE that word!) trends from the past as well as noticing budding technologies of today.

For one thing, journals will only get more prevalent with the general population. With this digital journaling revolution over the past ten years or so has also been a vast increase in the ease of keeping a journal or diary. With that will continue to be (and already has) been a realization of the power of keeping a journal in ones life. As I have already discussed, the difference in my own life between times when I have kept and haven’t kept a journal has been vast, and the rest of the world will only understand this phenomenon more and more as journals become more popular.

Photo Credit - Hoget Bearr

Photo Credit – Hoget Bearr

I see developers continuing to try and blur the lines between keeping a personal, private journal (i.e. the focus of this site) and social media. While good in some aspects, the journaling community will need to battle this movement and stand ground on the importance of keeping a private journal private. Nothing kills the ability to open up like knowing 500 Facebook friends will read it.

Another movement will be in text input. This is a natural weakness of writing a journal on a small device- you can’t input words as quickly as a keyboard. I don’t think it is a stretch to assume that more and more data input will take place using voice recognition software. Although I think talking to your phone about your life also serves as a disconnect between optimal and adequate journaling, I will admit that it would be nice on occasion to just speak and record an important event or memory. This prediction isn’t a huge leap of faith, largely because of the recent release of Siri on Apple’s iPhone. I think we are months- not years- away from spoken entries.

What do YOU think the future will bring to the way we keep journals?