Easy JournalingThe problem with a blog as opposed to, say, a book, is that blogs are living and evolving while books are (generally) static and considered a finished work. Books are organized so that you can start from the beginning and get the information presented on a sturdy foundation. For example, if you are reading a book on volleyball you will probably learn about the history of the game and the fundamentals of how to play before you get to expert techniques.

Blogging is as big as it is for a reason, but that still doesn’t mean there aren’t any challenges with this content medium. I am constantly battling the fact that new readers come to this website every day and probably aren’t looking for the tips on being a level 5 journaler when they are just looking for a journal app for their iPhone. This is why I have the ‘top posts’ feature on the sidebar of every page.

This post is my attempt to alleviate some more of this potential confusion. This can hopefully be a place where you can come to get started so that you get the fundamentals first before moving on to the more advanced stuff.

Also note that I have made this list in a deliberate order. Starting with the first post first will help you work towards the higher material towards the end of the list.

Without further adieu, the ten best journaling posts on this website.

Woah, that was hard! I could have made that 20 very easily but I think that would be too many. There have been almost 150 posts on this website in the two years it has been live, so this list represents just a small fraction of the digital journaling goodness I have shared over the years.

If you have a favorite post that I didn’t include, be sure and leave it in the comments below!