Journal App Review: MY Wonderful Days for iPhone and iPad

Posted on Apr 14, 2012 | 0 comments

My Wonderful Days - haha Interactive

With an app store in the hundreds of thousands, it can be hard to find original names for your apps that still are catchy and accurate. My Wonderful Days had a tough run of luck when, almost a year ago, a new app burst onto the scene with a nearly identical name: Wonderful Days. If this sounds familiar, it may be because I just wrote a post blasting Wonderful Days for being unresponsive to my concern.

Strike two against Wonderful Days.

But back to MY Wonderful Days (which is a COMPLETELY different app by a COMPLETELY different developer). I am actually excited about this fun little application that brings a bunch of the must have features and even throws in a few surprises.

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Why I’m Switching To Penzu

Posted on Apr 4, 2012 | 0 comments

I’ve just gone through a big change in my journaling life. If you will allow me, I want to tell you the reason why and hopefully this experience will help you as you attempt to either find a new or better eJournal or else improve the one you are currently keeping. Think of this as a case study of the most personal kind and as we know, case studies are often one of the best forms of education.

So without further adeau, why I am switching to Penzu, probably for good.

I have spoken glowingly about Wonderful Days on at least 3 occasions here at Easy Journaling. I fell in love with it when I first laid my hands on it and within months was trying it out as my primary personal journal. Not only was the interface beautiful and customizable, but it had Evernote integration and PDF export- perhaps my two most desirable features. I always knew that online journals have more features to offer, but I use my iPhone so much as my journal, a good smartphone experience was essential for me. I had used both LDSJournal and Penzu to some extent and loved many things about them, but the iPhone interface was so clunky that I opted for and took the chance with an application that was mostly stuck on the device.

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Road Test: Wonderful Days for the iPhone

Posted on Oct 23, 2011 | 0 comments

It would not be within my best interest to express my allegiance to one particular eJournal. Doing so would only discourage you the reader from investigating the best journal for YOUR situation and probably make the developers of other applications take their ball and go home. It would kind of be like Simon Cowell dating one of the top 10 American Idol candidates while still telling the world he was impartial to the rest.

Luckily for me, I use a variety of journals for slightly different reasons. I have also used a few different ones over time. This balance helps me in this role as a so called ‘expert’ on eJournals and also helps fill different aspects of my life. I use one for keeping lists and another for notes and then another one or two for my main journal.

Therefore, when I say that I have used Wonderful Days – Diary with Style for the iPhone for the past few weeks, know that I am not saying there is not other journal to use. It is just a particular application that caught my eye when I first gave it a spin and I liked enough that I have decided to go on a road trip of undetermined length. The following few paragraphs describe this (rather delightful) experience.

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