Why You Should Keep a Gratitude Journal

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Photo Credit -happyserendipity.com

Photo Credit -happyserendipity.com

In today’s world, it can be very easy to focus on the things we don’t have rather than pay thanks to the things that we do have. Indeed, that’s when keeping a gratitude journal comes in to play. Not only does it take the focus off our unnecessary wants, it gives us a reason to reflect on all of the good things in our lives. And you shouldn’t limit the project to just yourself. Instead, involve the whole family and let the gratitude journal your children keep become a way to show them what is truly important in their lives.

Keeping a gratitude journal makes it easier to focus on priorities. It shows us how our past wants were achieved or dismissed and it gives us an idea of what areas of our lives are good and which areas need improvement. For example, we may have created a good career, but haven’t kept the friends from our past as close as we would have liked to. The gratitude journal can help us find a way to reconnect with our old gang and find ways to let them know how much that part of your life meant to you.

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Six Tips for Better Journal Entries

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Journal - Bev Sykes

Photo Credit – Bev Sykes

Journaling regularly is a very satisfying act.  It’s the type of pastime with numerous benefits.  Not only does journaling give you a private place to record your thoughts, it gives you the opportunity to revisit different times in your life and reflect upon the growth and progress you have made as a person.

Your journal can enhance the quality of your life, help you pinpoint your dreams and aspirations, and strengthen the relationships you have with your family and friends.  So, how can you improve your journaling practice?  What type of things can you do to enhance the quality of your digital journal entries?  Is there a way to make things look, feel, and read better?  Are there any tools you can use to safeguard your most private thoughts?

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Improving Life vs Capturing Life- Why Do You Journal?

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Photo Credit - Clarence Risher

Photo Credit – Clarence Risher

The more I have gotten to know the journaling community the more I have realized how diverse it is, which is contrary to what I initially thought. When I first started Easy Journaling I was sure that most people who kept a journal where similar to each other. Call it stereotyping or call it demographics but I was sure I knew what types of people were most likely to journal.

Obviously I was wrong as I have come to the realization that there are journalers of every age and stage in life and from every country and nationality in the world. This diversity has given the EJ community a unique flavor and voice.

I’ve also noticed that everyone has their own reason to write a journal. There are many reasons, as I have recently documented in 101 Reasons to Write a Journal, but these can actually be boiled down into two broad categories. That’s right, there are only two main reasons to keep a journal, coming from the guy that wrote about 101.

So here it is, you either journal to improve your life or to capture your life.

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The Story Behind 101 Reasons to Write a Journal

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HBOOK009If you receive the Easy Journaling updates, you recently learned that I have just released my latest book, 101 Reasons to Write a Journal. This ebook goes in depth on over a hundred different reasons why you should pick up journaling (if you haven’t already) and mixes some suggestions, stories and inspiration to go along with the motivation. It turned out better than I could have hoped and I am grateful for all of you that helped me on this project. The following is the story behind 101 Reasons which you will find in the forward of the book.  -Sam

For more information on this ebook, go to www.101reasonstojournal.com

The little one was finally snug in his crib, and the newly expecting wife had crashed after a long day of chasing him around. I was left with a few rare hours of peace and quiet. Quiet except for the constant swishing of cars on pavement that had become a mainstay ever since we had decided to rent a place right next to a minor arterial roadway. The cars didn’t bother me, though. Not anymore, especially not on this night.

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Journaling Is Statistically Proven To Make Me Happier and More Productive

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The title of this post sounds a little funny, but it is actually kind of true. It all stems from something that has been referred to as “life hacking” which is when people devoutly and statistically track some aspects of their life and try and gain results and make improvements from the data. Imagine, for example, that you tracked only two criteria of your life every day: how many hours you slept the night previous and how refreshed you felt at midday on a scale of 1-10. Tracking these numbers for weeks or months would get you enough data that you could arguably find the optimum sleeping amount that would leave you most refreshed due to not under or over sleeping.

Photo Credit - Micah Taylor

Photo Credit – Micah Taylor

A few months ago I started using a smartphone app called LifeUp! (which I don’t believe is available anymore) that tracks different “tasks” or aspects of my life. Each night I simply answer if I accomplished that task and rate my day from 1-5. Each task has a different importance rating so you have some days that are more productive than others because you accomplished more tasks.

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101 Reasons To Write a Journal

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101 Reasons to Write a Journal is now an eBook! Click here to check it out.


101 Reasons KindleWhy Even Get Into Journaling?

This is one of those “I couldn’t find it anywhere so I wrote it myself” posts. I have been looking for a good, long list of reasons to journal for a while, and few get past 10. In fact, I think what you are about to read may be the longest “reasons to write a journal” list ever. At least ever that I can find.

I know this site usually focuses on methods of journaling and making it easier, but I am also (clearly) a strong proponent of the sport and try and convert any one I can every chance I get. I just truly believe that there are fewer activities that can make a life more fulfilling than keeping a diary or journal. And if you don’t read all of this, that’s okay (in fact, bravo if you do!), that isn’t what it is written for. Just find the things you need to give yourself that extra boost of motivation.

For organization purposes (and also so you can just get to the ones you care about) I have separated these reasons into different groups. The groups or reasons themselves are in no particular order, though I have tried to clump some similar ones. I tried my best to avoid redundancy and beating dead horses (ie Because your mom said to. Because your dad said to. Because your teacher said to. Because Oprah said to…)  The last group is actually more of a list of different types of journals, but it fits in pretty well anyway.

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