Penzu is Android, LDS Journal is iPhone

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If anyone comes to me and tells me journaling is so important to them that they just want the best option, regardless of price, I almost always point them in the direction of either Penzu or LDS Journal. These two online journaling services offer more features than most and are available from nearly every platform. Penzu is more widely known and used, but LDS Journal was actually my first eJournal and is a beautiful Penzu alternative. In fact, LDS Journal’s print feature is probably the number one single feature any eJournal has that I am aware of. I even did a video review when I received mine.

Penzu, on the other hand, is a feature-filled monster. From military-grade encryption, multiple journals, prompts and fonts aplenty, this online journal has almost anything you would want along with somethings you didn’t even know you needed. The downside to Penzu- as well as LDS Journal- is the lackluster mobile interface. Sure you can journal from smartphones for either of these, but you probably won’t want to.

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Easy Journaling’s Top 10 Posts/Pages

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It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year that I have been on this Easy Journaling project, but it is true. The outpouring of support has been great and the stories of those of you who have been helped with your eJournaling motivate and inspire me to continue on this path.

I have to continually remind myself that those of you who either frequent this site or are new have probably missed some of the more important posts- many of which came out in the early months. I’ve tried to add a few of them to the side bar here and there because I realize that these posts are where readers want to end up, but I have still missed some. This line of thinking has prompted me to make a single post that will eventually find a permanent place here at Easy Journaling to help all of you find the most important content the quickest.

I’ve ranked these posts and pages not by which I think are the best or most interesting or even those that I think will generate the most revenue. Rather, I’ve simply sorted my posts by most hits and to make this list even more interesting, I’ve included how many (hits) each of these posts/pages have had, all time. Hopefully the fellow web masters among us will appreciate that. Also note that I understand my more recent posts may also be more popular but haven’t had the time to generate the hits as the early ones.

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Getting Started With Online Food Diaries- 3 Resources

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When you are looking to either drop a few pounds or just live a healthier lifestyle, there are a host of calorie tracking websites available to assist you in this endeavor. They are called a variety of things, but most commonly food diaries or food journals and, as with most online diaries, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors.

eI’m not going to toss out any fibs about me knowing something about these food diaries, because I really don’t know much. I’m trying to learn, but can’t call myself an expert in any measure of the term, so I won’t. Instead, I’ve congregated these resources together so that you can learn from those who know. If you have a favorite food diary, please let us know in the comments below.

And yes, this is a blog post about other blog posts that will point you to online food diaries. I call it ‘Blogception’.

Nutrition Calendar: The Top Five Online Food Diaries (

Not only does guest blogger Jasmine Stephenson give five great options for your food diary needs, but several readers have also chimed in with their own suggestions as well.

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Easy Journaling Featured- 5 Useful Sites for Journal Writing

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I was honored that Easy Journaling was featured yesterday on the popular website! Special thanks to the writer Bakari Chavanu and I hope that you will click through to read the whole thing.

Journal writing has a strong tradition of not only helping writers improve their writing skills, but the process of writing your thoughts, worries, and challenges can also be useful.

We have written about several online and computer software for maintaining a journal or diary, but if you’re stuck for ideas or wondering about the purpose of journaling, several online sites by experienced journalers might be of help.

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Online Journal Spotlight: A Little Thing Called 750 Words

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An amazing way to eJournal is to do it online. Special software makes it possible to keep your journal completely with your browser (ie Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox…). Doing it in this way has several advantages including access from any computer with an internet connection, cloud backup and more features than most of us need. Popular examples include Penzu and LDS Journal, both of which I have mentioned before.

One of the most unique and noteworthy online journal is simply called 750 Words. Produced by statistically obsessed Buster Benson,750 Words not only allows users to keep daily entries for free, but tracks the progress in insanely creative ways. Your journal keeping is scored on account of how many words you write in the month and based around… wait for it… bowling. You also collect badges of various animal flavors as you succeed in your diarial adventure.

One thing I especially like about 750 Words is that it manages to integrate social features while still maintaining privacy. You can follow other journalers progress and statistics. In Benson’s own words:

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These 3 Online Journals Are Worth Your Time

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Looking for the best journal app for you? Try our free journal recommendation tool!

Online/web journals are great. They offer virtually unlimited room for you journal- today, tomorrow and ten years from now. They are secure and backed up constantly. They have proven long life spans. Oh, and you can access them from any computer.

But unlike the iOS or Android app stores, your best method of finding these journals is through a series of Google searches and questionable user testimonials. It can be overwhelming, especially if you are like me and want any journal you start to stay with you for at least a few years.

So I roughed up the internets a bit and these three gems dropped out. I have verified each through more than one source and can attest to their soundness and legitimacy. Each offer a free package with basic features and at least one paid tier for more goodies.

Similar to the 5 Android journals I clustered up a few days ago, I plan on giving all of these (plus some) more fleshed out reviews. But if you can’t wait until then and are just itching to type that first entry, I present three of the best.

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Online Journal Spotlight: Penzu

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If you do a quick search for an online journal, chances are you will quickly come across Penzu, regardless of the search engine. Wildly popular among both its users and the critics, Penzu offers a private and secure online journal that is as easy as pen and paper.

If you haven’t heard of this journaling phenomenon, Alexander Mimran, Penzu’s founder and CEO was generous enough to spend some time answering a few questions for EasyJournaling and to help you get a better understanding. If you have more questions, check out their website, follow them on Twitter or email them (info (at) penzu (dot) com). If they are as responsive to you as they have been for me, you won’t be disappointed.

EJ: What is Penzu?

AM: Penzu is an online diary and personal journal that is focused on privacy. With a unique and compelling user experience, it makes writing online as easy and intuitive as writing on a pad of paper.

Penzu offers a secure place to store your thoughts and ideas in the cloud. Not only are entries password protected in an online account, but individual entries can be locked with military-grade encryption.

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