Guest Post: Dave’s 16 Years of Journaling Has Taught Him Many Things, Including Digital Journaling

Posted on May 5, 2012 | 0 comments

Journaling Start

 I’ve been journaling now for about 16 years.  It all stared when my son’s 6th grade teacher gave them a year’s assignment: Keep a journal.  My son was not at all happy when he came home that day. To cheer him up I agreed to also keep a journal with him that year with the agreement to write every day.  So we went down to the local stationary store looking for the smallest diary we could find. When the year was up neither of us could stop.

 My journaling has evolved over the years.  It stared with a postage stamp sized lockable journal and mutated to a larger 5 x 7 and then an 8 x 10 and then back down to the 6 x 8, which I think is the absolute idea size for a analog journal. By “analog” I mean a hand written journal.

In 2010 Buster Benson started and I started to write online with a 750 word goal of writing each and every day.  This introduced me to digital journaling. Buster’s site displays graphs and statistics about your entries over time. If you don’t mind putting  yourwords out there, its a great place to write.

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Meernotes For The iPhone Has Become That Little Notebook In My Back Pocket

Posted on Mar 5, 2012 | 0 comments

Meernotes - Fabulously Retro

It’s been a while, but a few months ago I wrote about an interesting little diary/notebook app for the iPhone called Meernotes when it first came out (it was initially called Molenotes). I gave it fairly high praises and it has seen similar respect from other critics and users alike. Unlike other digital writing mediums where every page is essentially unlimited, Meernotes strives to actually duplicate a little notebook by only allowing you to write a certain amount of words on each page. After that you can turn the page (which, fortunately, seem to be unlimited) and continue your thought.

Not only are these pages and notebooks gorgeous, but you can keep multiple journals and store them on a built-in bookshelf. It also includes Dropbox syncing, several fonts, bookmarking, indexing, tabbing and more.

Even though I quickly fell in love with Meernotes, there were a few missing features that prevented me from making it into my daily journal. Most notably was the missing password as I would never even start a journal/diary without one. There also isn’t any way to insert pictures into entries and PDF export would be nice. Basically, Meernotes is really as close as you can to having a little notebook on your iPhone and doesn’t really try and be a true diary, and that’s okay.

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Journal App Review: Molenotes- A Leather Journal In Your iPhone

Posted on Jul 10, 2011 | 0 comments

People love leather journals. Really. They are one of the most searched for items in the journaling industry. My hunch is that this is because we all long for that classic journal our grandparents kept. It is like if we keep a diary in something old and torn it will somehow become richer and more meaningful.

Molenotes - Fabulously Retro

Of course eJournaling kind of flies in the face of this trend. We want our journal keeping to be easier, but we still want that classic feel. Hot off the App Store presses is Molenotes, a journal/note keeping/writing app that majors in antiquity and minors in charm. Each page is a specific length and if you want to write more, you have to go onto the next one. You can also bookmark, tab and your pages are indexed in the ‘back’ of the book. Landscape is also supported.

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