Why You Should Keep a Gratitude Journal

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Photo Credit -happyserendipity.com

Photo Credit -happyserendipity.com

In today’s world, it can be very easy to focus on the things we don’t have rather than pay thanks to the things that we do have. Indeed, that’s when keeping a gratitude journal comes in to play. Not only does it take the focus off our unnecessary wants, it gives us a reason to reflect on all of the good things in our lives. And you shouldn’t limit the project to just yourself. Instead, involve the whole family and let the gratitude journal your children keep become a way to show them what is truly important in their lives.

Keeping a gratitude journal makes it easier to focus on priorities. It shows us how our past wants were achieved or dismissed and it gives us an idea of what areas of our lives are good and which areas need improvement. For example, we may have created a good career, but haven’t kept the friends from our past as close as we would have liked to. The gratitude journal can help us find a way to reconnect with our old gang and find ways to let them know how much that part of your life meant to you.

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Six Tips for Better Journal Entries

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Journal - Bev Sykes

Photo Credit – Bev Sykes

Journaling regularly is a very satisfying act.  It’s the type of pastime with numerous benefits.  Not only does journaling give you a private place to record your thoughts, it gives you the opportunity to revisit different times in your life and reflect upon the growth and progress you have made as a person.

Your journal can enhance the quality of your life, help you pinpoint your dreams and aspirations, and strengthen the relationships you have with your family and friends.  So, how can you improve your journaling practice?  What type of things can you do to enhance the quality of your digital journal entries?  Is there a way to make things look, feel, and read better?  Are there any tools you can use to safeguard your most private thoughts?

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When It Comes To Journaling, The Medium Just Doesn’t Matter

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Easy Journaling is built with the purpose to make- wait for it- journaling easier. Of course this has turned into a heavy emphasis on taking part in the practice with digital means which is usually things like smartphones, tablets and computers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that journaling is easier if done digitally. This is just the result of, in my own experience, if I don’t keep a journal electronically in my currently busy life, I don’t keep one at all.

If you notice the poll to the right of this post, you will see a simple question with a few options. Even though this poll just started and only has a few votes, pen and paper is the preferred way to journal by a decent margin. This may change as votes continue to come in, but in the bigger scheme of things, the results really don’t matter.

To me, if I can help you get into any kind of journal and/or improve your practice, I have succeeded. Since there are many others in the journaling space online, I am grateful to be the digital go-to for this incredible pass-time. That doesn’t mean, however, that I haven’t personally filled several bound journals nor discourage your keeping a journal or diary with pen and paper, Morse code or stitching (or… whatever). As long as it fulfills you and it fits into your schedule, I say go for it!

Photo Credit - Dmitriy

Photo Credit – Dmitriy

The tricky part of all of this is that, unless you have tried all different ways to journal, how can you know that your preferred method is the best for you? When I first got started with journaling online, I definitely felt that it was the right way for me at that point. How did I know? Because I did it consistently for the first time in years. I felt the security of the cloud and the power of my typing skills over my scary handwriting.

If there is a moral to take away from this, know that pretty much any way to journal isn’t, by itself, better than any other way. However, there is a best way for you to keep a diligent journal or diary and my challenge to you today is that if you have never tried anything other than the current way you are doing it, try something different. There are free options here and here if you want to try the method I am currently into and preaching. Then again, if you have never journaled in any form and only been active on Facebook or Twitter, I invite you to feel the subtle power of silently writing in a blank, bound paper journal.

Anyone disagree and not open to trying a new way of journaling?

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The Secret Ingredient

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A well kept journal is an amazing thing, especially if it is by yourself or someone you are close to. The pages are often interesting, inspirational or even funny.

I can’t believe I was able to get through that trouble with my sanity intact! Was I really that apathetic about marriage when I was single?

So what is it that makes journals so compelling?

I want to answer that question in part with a riddle that you are probably familiar with.

This thing all things devours:
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats high mountain down.

And, to add my own (slightly more positive) continuation,

Turns life’s written word;
Into power absurd;
Changes pages mundane;
Into gold touched with flame.

The answer to this riddle, of course, is time. (The riddle is from the Hobbit if you weren’t already aware)

Photo Credit - Toni Verdú Carbó

Photo Credit – Toni Verdú Carbó

If you ever have a minute, try this exercise. Read your most recent entries and rate them on the interest level. If they are within the past month or two, they are likely fairly boring. If you try that same thing on entries from a few years ago, they could talk about the same thing but will be much more meaningful.

The difference is time which is the number one most important ingredient to a successful journal. So, if you don’t think your journaling has been worthwhile, just wait a bit and you will understand just one more reason why writing about your life can change your life.

What is your oldest entry?

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Use Keywords And The Search Bar To Index Your eJournal

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Difficulty: Medium

I once had a brilliant idea for my journals. I wanted to get colored pencils and go through them, page by page, color coding different themes. I would use blue for inspiration, yellow for a funny story, green for a life changing event, and so on.

Of course I never did this. It would be far to much work for something no one would ever appreciate, including myself. Fortunately, with eJournals, I have realized that a small variation on this idea is not only possible, but it is easy and very effective.

If you use an online or mobile journal, you may be aware of a “Search” function built in (if you haven’t yet started one of these, you should probably make sure the one you choose has this feature). This is a great way to quickly find an event or a person you know you wrote about in the past. This is one of the key selling points for switching to digital journaling as a similar search through a physical journal would be nearly impossible.

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