Guest Post- Journaling, Technology and Morning Pages

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cover-ebookGreetings from CreateWriteNow, and many thanks to Sam, for hosting us here today!

EasyJournaling focuses on the many different media with which to journal, and it provides a unique and much-needed service in doing so. Thanks again, Sam!

I’m also going to talk about available media technology, but it’s nothing so new and untried as the techniques discussed in this blog. I refer to the lowly technology of pen and paper.

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Create Write Now’s New Look, And How I Helped Out With It!

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A while ago I was approached by Mari from Create Write Now about helping her make the famous journaling website mobile friendly. I was flattered that she would ask me and, even though I had never done such a project, was willing to give it a try. A weekend of cutting, pasting and adjusting later, I had a few page mockups designed of what this mobile website could look like so that she could give them to her developer. Apparently my designs were good enough because lo and behold, if you visit Create Write Now from a mobile device you will now see a big change and I am honored that I helped design it.

If you check it out, you may also see a link in the bottom right that says ‘eJournaling!’ This was added so that users interested in getting started with journaling on their smartphones, tablets or computers can get the best expert advice available. Yup, you guessed it, that link takes readers here to Easy Journaling. Thanks Mari!

Since the beginning of Easy Journaling, Mari has gone out of her way to help me in whatever way possible. This has included guest posts at Create Write Now, personal advice about running a website and even an occasional email just to see how I am doing. Mari is the real deal and I hope that you will support her by jumping over to the authority on journaling, Create Write Now. At this website you will find journal prompts, encouragement, stories of success, resources and much more.

Also check it out on your iPhone or Android phone and let me know what you think of my design in the comments below!

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Modern Journaling: Review by Mari L. McCarthy of Create Write Now

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Perhaps the most well known journaling website/blog you can find online is Create Write Now. The creator and journaling expert, Mari, has been more than generous as I have found my footing in the online journaling world often featuring my eJournal guest posts and promoting Easy Journaling through social media. She is a wonderful colleague, and I am honored that she has shared her thoughts about my recently released ebook, Modern Journaling. As always, I encourage you to click through to see some amazing journaling goodness at her website.

As you may have noticed, I love traditional pen-and-paper journal writing, but technology is always opening up new possibilities for how we can record our personal thoughts in a meaningful way. Modern Journaling explores these electronic journaling (or eJournaling) options so they are understandable and accessible (for technophiles and technophobes alike). It shows that keeping an electronic personal journal is safe, secure and convenient for busy, on-the-go lifestyles. The book also points out that there is no need for you to choose between pen-and-paper journaling and eJournaling – you can always do both!

Modern Journaling is a fascinating read for anyone interested in exploring a different side of journaling. Some of the highlights:

Click here to read more at Create Write Now or click on the link on the left of this page to learn more about Modern Journaling.

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eJournal Features: Part Two – Features that Matter

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It is always my pleasure to be featured as a guest writer for one of the best journaling websites online, Create Write Now. This is part two in a three part series have written on figuring out what features you need to look for as you search for an eJournal. I highly encourage you to click through to the full article and the rest of the Create Write Now goodness.

Guest Blog Post By Sam Lytle

In the market for a solid eJournal for your computer or mobile device? If you have taken the time to look around, you may have been a little overwhelmed at all of the different options and the features that they advertise.

“This journal has just under a million fonts!”
“This diary will make you more attractive!”
“This app shoots out sparkles when you write a week in a row!”

…or something like that.

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4 Tech Tools That Can Make Your Handwritten Journal Better

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One of my favorite parts of this Easy Journaling project has been the interactions and associations with new friends in the journaling community. Mari L. McCarthy isn’t just a member of the journaling community, she is one of the strongest and most respected voices out there. It has been my privilege to be featured as a guest on her website, Create Write Now,  a few times now, sharing tips in the integration of technology and journaling.

Below is a portion of one of my recent posts. I highly encourage you to click through to not only read the rest, but also enjoy one of the finest journaling communities on the internet.

Create Write Now- Guest Post by Sam Lytle

Are you part of the crowd that either never got the eJournal memo or frankly just don’t care? Do you still hand write your journal and have no plans to change?

That’s absolutely fine. Hand written journals have retained their beauty and nostalgia, well into the 21st century and I am fairly certain that for many, they will never go out of style.

But even if you are a faithful keeper of a classic journal, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of advances in technology. These are 4 easy tech tips that will enhance your paper journal.

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