Journal App Review: Saga Diary for Android

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Saga DiaryWhen you want something done, the best option is probably the simplest option. If you want to nail something then use a hammer. If you want to cut paper then use a pair of scissors. Or if you want to get to the other side of the road then you have to start walking ASAP. Life is supposed to be easy. Complicating it with extra stuff doesn’t make it any better. To some people, simplicity is the most important of all features.

In the war of journal apps, some apps try to have something up their sleeves in an attempt to outdo the competition. Others have certain functions, while even others try to be aesthetically different from the others. Maybe, (just maybe) what we need is a journal app that lets you do what you want to do without distracting you with stuff you don’t need to do. Who wouldn’t want to have a journal app that won’t ask you if you want to publish your app on some social media platform or a journal app that will just silently take down your journal without prompting you with any extra and unnecessary trick?

If this is you, Saga Diary for Android is worth checking out.

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This Free Recommendation Website Is Probably The Best Thing Easy Journaling Has Ever Done

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What Is Your Best Journal App?

Visitors come to Easy Journaling for a variety of reasons but the most popular is to find the best journal app for their favorite device. Just type “best android diary” or “best iPhone journal” into any Google search bar and you will probably be directed to this website.

As nice as the ‘best journal app‘ posts are that you will find here, they aren’t really that helpful because each user has such different criteria. The top 5 apps for Jack won’t be the same for Jane. Everyone approaches digital journaling differently and a simple list cannot appropriately serve unique individuals.

I have tried as often as possible to give personal journal app recommendations to those who have bothered to ask. And as much as I enjoy the challenge of taking the differing criteria and using several years of app research to give the best journaling solution, the Easy Journaling community is getting to the point where it isn’t practical to serve everyone in this manner.

There was a solution to this problem all along but it took me over a year to finally pull the trigger and automate my journal recommendation process. Thanks to a paid developer, an online researcher and a skilled friend, we have built an entire journal app recommendation tool from scratch and I am excited to announce that it is now available… and it is free. It will always be free.

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A List Of The Top 20 Android Journals

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Photo Credit - Erica Joy

Photo Credit – Erica Joy

If you aren’t using an Android device now, you likely will be very soon. This relatively new smartphone operating system has exploded in growth and has matured into a stable and smooth platform. I even recently switched from iPhone and am loving my Galaxy S3 (it’s the small screen, Apple!)

We are in the process of building an entire journal/diary database that covers all major platforms and will be releasing some cool information based on this data very soon. To get started I have created a list of the top 20 Android journals/diaries based on an ‘out of 100’ scoring system. Note that this is not an arbitrary scoring system. This isn’t based on anecdotal information or even on my own testing (I haven’t even tried all of these). Instead, this list is a mathematical representation of which apps scored the best based on 12 different criteria. Additionally, the features that are more important give the apps more points so this computer generated data still has the Easy Journaling recommendations built in.

If you are interested in how this works, the next paragraph is for you. If not, skip to the list and give a few of these journals a look.

Photo Credit - Erica Joy

Photo Credit – Erica Joy

Each app was given a rating of 0-3 in 12 different areas: browser interface, pictures, backup, pdf export, other export,  multiple journals, customization, fonts, search, tags, social media integration and password protection. Each of these categories was given a ‘multiplier’ of 2-5 that would give that feature more weight than lesser features. For example, search, password protection and PDF export are all very important features and were weighted higher. This ensured that an app with a bunch of less important features didn’t compete with the truly great journals. I knew I was on the right track when this system ranked my personal favorite, Diaro 3, at the very top of the list.

Yes, I will be updating the very outdated Top 5 Android Journals/Diaries based on this information and more reviews I will be releasing soon.

Click on the name of the journal to see it in the Google Play store. This list isn’t designed to help you find the best journal app but rather to be used as a reference in conjunction with the developer description and app reviews on the app page.

Name (Score/100)

  1. Diaro 3 (96)
  2. Life Mate Diary (95)
  3. UM Diary 3 (86)
  4. Memoires: The Diary (75)
  5. Saga Diary (70)
  6. Private Diary (69)
  7. Private Diary Free (63)
  8. Orange Diary Pro (63)
  9. Journal Notes Multimedia (55)
  10. MicroJournal (55)
  11. Dream Journal Pro (54)
  12. aDiary (50)
  13. Moodtrack Diary (48)
  14. This Journal (43)
  15. Notepad – Star Note Pro (33)
  16. This Diary (32)
  17. Moment Diary (31)
  18. iHunt Journal (31)
  19. MyDay Journal (27)
  20. This Journal (23)

If you want to see all of the Android journals and diaries, click here.

As always, let us know your own recommendations in the comments.

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The 4 Reasons Why Diaro 3 Is the BEST Android Journal

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A few months back I documented my transition from the world of Apple to the world of Android. It was surprisingly smooth and I have to say that I haven’t regretted switching to my Galaxy S3 (Verizon) a single day. The iPhone 4 was a great device and I loved it for most of two years, there just came a day when I wanted a bigger screen and more customization. Android offered this and much more.

I didn’t worry too much about my personal journal at the time because I was using Penzu Pro which, as you may know, has apps for iPhone and Android. I knew that I could buy any new phone, log in and pick up where I left off in my journal.

This worked great and was a nice plan until I realized that my infatuation with Penzu was fading. Don’t get me wrong, Penzu has a fantastic web service that I highly recommend. Unfortunately, however, Penzu has an Achilles heel-

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Super Awesome Tip: Handwrite and Doodle in (almost) Any eJournal!

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When you make the switch to digital journaling on your smartphone, tablet or computer, there is usually a sense of loss at first. Sure, there are new and incredible ways to record your memories in fearfully simple ways, but this new convenience is done at the sacrifice of handwriting your journals and all that goes with it. In fact, I have heard from many of you that the loss of handwritten entries is what is holding you back from totally switching to eJournaling.

So what to do?

Photo Credit - RCabanilla

Photo Credit – RCabanilla

A few months ago I sung praises about Draw Pad Pro, an iPhone app that sort of melds the two forms of journaling together. On a small smartphone it probably isn’t a great substitute, but it offers a nice alternative to most forms of eJournaling. Today I am going to show you that you don’t need Draw Pad Pro to turn Penzu, Day One, Memoires or any other eJournal into a handwritten one (sort of). All you need is a journaling app or service that allows you to upload pictures. It should also be noted that this will pretty much only work with smartphones and tablets (probably not laptops and desktops).

The first thing you will need is some sort of drawing app for your device. It can be free or paid, just allow you to draw pictures with your finger on the screen. I’m not going to list the available ones because there are so many, but just find one that you are comfortable with. In fact, you can even use the popular drawing game Draw Something although it won’t look quite as clean.

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Journal App Review: I Journal For Android (It’s Free Too!)

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Some journal applications come out of the box with a little more direction to how you should write your entries. I Journal for Android is just one of those as it is set up around Shawn Achor’s book, The Happiness Advantage. I Journal is based around the same four core principles as the book:

– journaling as a means of moving from task-based activities to meaning-based activities
– write down something you are grateful for every day: gain a more positive perspective on life
– record how you exercise: boosts your mood and enhances your work performance
– capture moments of meditation: increases happiness, lowers stress, and can even improve immune function
– make note of your acts of kindness: feel much happier

Supposedly following these principles can increase your productivity and give you a ‘happiness advantage’.

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Journal App Review: Memoires For Android (Free!)

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I’ll cut to the chase: when it comes to journal/diary applications for Android devices, Memoires is probably not only the best option, but the cheapest as well. Read on to find out why I think so.

I’ve identified nearly 30 features that eJournals can integrate to improve the usefulness of these applications. Memoires is awesome simply because it checks off so many of these. From basic and essential such as password protection full backup and restore (including Google Docs integration) to the frivolous not-so-necessary such as emoticons and lunar cycles, this handy diary app has most features most users will want.

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