Journaling App Review: writr Feels Great

Posted on May 18, 2014 | 0 comments

People are loving writr. They have been climbing up the ranks, and quickly. Now in Top 5 paid productivity apps, and in the Top 100 overall paid apps. They consistently get 5 and 4 star ratings flowing in from the U.S.  Writr has recieved a confirmation from Microsoft to be featured in their next round of promotions, and have been recently reviewed on WPCentral. The following is a review from one of their users. writr journaling app What struck me when first opening writr, was how polished it felt. Subtle animations present the interface, clean and functional, placing the content at the fore. The journal-writing app doesn’t waste any time with tutorials or introductions; it doesn’t need to. Your first entry is waiting to be made, while clear menu options sit to the left.

At first glance writr seems like your standard journaling app, albeit a very pretty and usable one. You have your calendar, tags and bookmarks. Perusing past entries is as simple as the layout.

There is one significant difference, however. Above my (currently blank) first entry sits the question “What would you do tomorrow if you had no responsibilities or worries?” It’s a small touch that makes a huge difference to the entire experience. Rather than a blank page the app is prompting users on what to write. What’s more, these aren’t superficial questions; each one is designed to get you thinking and exploring, and are open ended enough that you can answer them quickly and move onto something else or go into some serious detail. What makes these prompts particularly interesting is the algorithm that controls them.

As quoted by the creators, “writr doesn’t simply display random journaling prompts. There’s a science behind them. Writr learns as the user writes, and will prompt with questions based on key areas of focus in their lives. In addition, the database of prompts is designed by subject matter experts and will continue to grow.” picture writr journaling app While the design and usability is enough to give writr the edge on it’s Windows based competition, the prompting concept allows writr to stand up with with the leading journals on iOS and Android as well.

Unfortunately it is a Windows 8.1 exclusive, but the team has hinted several times at expansion to other platforms in the near future. The animations throughout are smooth and quick. They give navigation a satisfying feel without getting in the way, and behave in sync with other Windows 8 movements. There are a few small features that I would’ve liked to have seen included; some form of synchronization across devices, and cloud storage for auto backups (there is a manual option under settings) would be welcome.

A quick look at the teams Twitter page shows other users feel the same way, and it would appear it’s been taken on board; they’re quick to inform us that both features are on the way.writr journaling app screenshot

Overall the app is great to use. It feels responsive, functions well, and provides a unique twiston the usual journaling approach. The prompting feature, writr’s real selling point, makes the experience something new and refreshing. The idea isnt exactly revolutionary, but it’s simple and well executed. If journaling for growth is something you want to be actively doing, but you struggle with the blank page and don’t know where to start, writr is the best journaling app for you.

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My Diary – Private Journal… Just a “Plain” Average App

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mdAfter reviewing several really good journaling apps, My Diary – Private Journal was quite a letdown.  In all fairness I must state that I am a bit of an App Junkie and I enjoy apps that are feature rich as well as apps that are highly customizable.  My Diary – Private Journal is neither.  What you see is what you get, and you don’t get much.  Nevertheless, how can one complain when the price is right… it is free.  When an app is free what could you lose?  All you invested is the time it took you to determine whether you like it or not.

Before moving on, let me make it clear that this review is on My Diary – Private Journal (MDPJ).  There is another app called My Diary that has an icon very similar to MDPJ.

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4 Reasons Why Everyday Timeline is Better than Diaro 3

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Everyday Timeline

Okay, so a month or two ago I made the announcement that I would be switching my daily journaling from Diaro 3 to Everyday Timeline– both for Android. I had been using Diaro 3 for about 7 months and had loved it but I had always wanted to try Everyday Timeline as my daily go-to for about a year so as soon as it came to Android I jumped on board.

As always, because I am in control of my data I can switch the journals I use daily when ever I please. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please download the free mini-guide you see on the right of this page.

While there are a few things I miss about Diaro 3 (see below), there are several things I am loving about Everyday Timeline that Diaro can’t do. I’ve boiled them down to the top 4:

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Orange Diary – More than just a Diary/Journal

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Orange_Diary (2)Orange Diary was quite a delight to use.  One could call it the Swiss Army Knife of diary and journaling apps.  Not only can it do many different things, but it can do them well.  It is a great tool for someone who, in addition to making journal entries, has projects and task to keep track of.  For instance you can add an entry that is a project and within the entry you can add a task list.  This will show up in your timeline and you can choose a specific icon of your liking to identify your non journal entries.  In addition, you can have folders appear in your timeline that contain many different diary entries, project entries or task lists.  It is quite versatile when it comes to how you can structure your entries.  This would be a great tool for someone who is writing a book or articles in addition to keeping a daily progress log.

The app can store photos, videos, audios, files, tasks and expenses.  You can manage your entries through the use of icons, tags, templates and attachments.  The app also has the ability to set reminders which can be a huge help when working with projects and tasks.  In addition, it is highly customizable as to colors, text size, and format for date time and currency.  It has the capability to use templates so that frequently used information does not have to be entered repeatedly.

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Private Diary for Android – A Complete Journaling Package

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pd2The handheld version of Private Diary along with its online version make quite a complete journaling package that will suit most anyone’s journaling needs. Let’s take a look at both and see how they may fit into your daily journaling life.

The handheld version has most of the necessary features you would expect to find in most top of the line journaling apps. These include a timeline view, calendar view, photo capability from within the app, auto location insertion, tags and categories as well as a host of other features. In addition, the timeline view can be customized as to fonts and color background. It has an attractive user interface as it stands however two components I wish I could change are the orange color used throughout and also the capability to remove the dotted lines that the developer has used to separate the title, entry, date and tags. The free version that I originally tried didn’t have the dotted lines. As a result, I personally think the free version’s timeline UI is much cleaner looking.

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Penzu is Android, LDS Journal is iPhone

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If anyone comes to me and tells me journaling is so important to them that they just want the best option, regardless of price, I almost always point them in the direction of either Penzu or LDS Journal. These two online journaling services offer more features than most and are available from nearly every platform. Penzu is more widely known and used, but LDS Journal was actually my first eJournal and is a beautiful Penzu alternative. In fact, LDS Journal’s print feature is probably the number one single feature any eJournal has that I am aware of. I even did a video review when I received mine.

Penzu, on the other hand, is a feature-filled monster. From military-grade encryption, multiple journals, prompts and fonts aplenty, this online journal has almost anything you would want along with somethings you didn’t even know you needed. The downside to Penzu- as well as LDS Journal- is the lackluster mobile interface. Sure you can journal from smartphones for either of these, but you probably won’t want to.

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The Top 5 Android Journals

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Android journal and diary apps? Yeah, there are a ton of them. I’ve found 3 really popular free ones and 2 highly rated priced ones and directed them so that you can make the best decision for your smartphone or tablet.

1. Journey

(I now use Journey! Click here to see why I think this is the best Android journal.)

Journey Journaling AppDescription: Journey offers a quick and friendly writing screen, and simple but robust security. Journey makes it easy to record thoughts, life moments, memories or notes, and attach photos. Journey also detects location (even physical address) automatically and attaches them to your journal entry. Use tags for easy searching later.

User Rating: 4.7/5

Downloads: 50,000-100,000

Price: Free

Click here for my full review.


– Strong protection with password on the local app, and configurable security using Google.
– Timeline, Calendar, and Summary views.
– Ability to attach images. (Storage space is limited by the size of SD card)
– Quick to launch, simple interface, and ready-to-write.

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Methods of Journaling: An Introduction

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Recording one’s life events has nearly paralleled humanity in its entirety. Many of the religious books we use today, including the Bible, are a compilation (at least in part) of personal journals. As long as a writing utensil and medium have been available, humans have written down their history. Even today, many faithful journal keepers prefer the intimacy of a physical book to write in.

Journaling has only moved past ink and paper in the last few decades. The personal computer made digitally stored journals and diaries a reality in the 70’s. In the 90’s, the Internet was a major catalyst for the possibilities of how, when and where you could update your journal.

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