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There is no doubt that iPhone developers have conjured up some incredible journals. Some look gorgeous, others are packed with features and some have both looks and brains. This is my ranking of the best journals and diaries available for the platform.

Note that clicking on the icon will take you to the full Easy Journaling review but if you want to go straight to iTunes to download the app, click on the black Available in the App Store button.

Wonderful Days – $2.99

Beautiful interface, tons of themes, in-line picture placement, Evernote backup and PDF export will make any journal app desirable. When you include the day rating, geotagged entries, search function, multiple fonts and customizable home screen, this app suddenly becomes the best available for the popular smartphone. Surprisingly, Wonderful Days is only a few months old and the developers have already added some evolutionary updates.

In addition to the standard review, I also wrote a road test review on using it for nearly a month.

Day One – $1.99

This is the app that Apple would have developed if they were in the personal journal market. Minimalistic and modern, Day One keeps a clean, consistent theme throughout. Additionally, you can backup your entries in the ‘cloud’ with the popular Dropbox. Spanning more than smartphones, Day One also syncs with its iPad and Mac versions by the same name.

Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to upload pictures into your entries, but developers promise that feature will be included soon.

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My Daily Journal – $1.99

Also new to the scene, My Daily Journal has exploded in popularity and has been given hundreds of positive ratings in the app store as well. MDJ excels in customization with several beautiful backgrounds and dozens of great fonts. It is also compatible with Dropbox backup and includes one of my favorite features, PDF export.

I’m not crazy about the fact that the app opens up to the last entry, but that is a minor annoyance.

Momento – $2.99

This one has been a mainstay among the top iPhone journals for quite some time. Not only does it have most of the features that make a journal great, Momento also includes unique social media integration that will include status updates from popular sites like Facebook and Twitter, right into your entries. There are several different ways to tag entries and days can be rated.

Don’t expect much customization from Momento though and an iPad version would be nice.

Windbell Diary – $1.99

I’ll be honest, when I started trying out Windbell Diary, I didn’t have high hopes. Of course, you can’t judge a book by its cover and this quirky diary mixes features you need with some you didn’t know existed (like a… flower growing sort of game). Fonts are aplenty, emoticons and weather icons are included and the ‘cloud’ is supported via Google Docs backup. Not sure if you want Windbell? Try out the free version first!

The theme is a little clunky and basics such as a search function aren’t included. The splash screen also gets in the way too frequently.



Everyday Timeline



Everyday TimelineThis list is supposed to be the best PAID iPhone journals but I have to include one free one because it is actually the best iPhone journal I have ever used– free or paid. Everyday Timeline blasted onto the scene just a few months ago and was featured on sites such as the New York Times and TechCrunch and includes out-of-the-box features such as social media integration and a browser version of your journal. You can read what I had to say about it or just just try it out and see for yourself.

Did I miss one?