pd2The handheld version of Private Diary along with its online version make quite a complete journaling package that will suit most anyone’s journaling needs. Let’s take a look at both and see how they may fit into your daily journaling life.

The handheld version has most of the necessary features you would expect to find in most top of the line journaling apps. These include a timeline view, calendar view, photo capability from within the app, auto location insertion, tags and categories as well as a host of other features. In addition, the timeline view can be customized as to fonts and color background. It has an attractive user interface as it stands however two components I wish I could change are the orange color used throughout and also the capability to remove the dotted lines that the developer has used to separate the title, entry, date and tags. The free version that I originally tried didn’t have the dotted lines. As a result, I personally think the free version’s timeline UI is much cleaner looking.pd3

Moving on to the calendar view, it is very handy because in addition to letting you know what days have entries, it also displays how many entries were made on each day. The actual entry view again is very clean and will insert your current location if you tap the box instructing it to. You can add a photo from within the entry screen as well as adding tags and/or catagoies. In addition to the above, as I previously mentioned, there are many more customization options available from within the settings menu.

pd4Now for the online version. Private Diary has one of the better online applications that I have used. It synchronizes seamlessly with its handheld cousin. One feature I really like in the online app that is missing from the handheld app is that the actual photo thumbnails are included in the timeline view. In the handheld app instead of a thumbnail view of the actual photo you get an icon indicating that the entry includes a photo. Because of this, on the handheld you need to open the entry to see the photo. Photo thumbnails in the timeline, in my opinion, should be a given in any top of the line journaling app. The online version also lets you edit or delete entries in addition to editing and adding tags and categories. A good online version makes it a breeze to enter longer entries that would be somewhat tedious to enter on your handheld device. Also the online version makes it possible to access your journal on almost any device as long as you know your user name and password.

All in all, Private Diary would suit the needs of most any serious journal user and is not one to miss. Give the free version a try and you will be able to decide if it’s for you. As always, happy journaling.

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Written by Drew Thomas- EJ Staff Writer