Now this is backwards, isn’t it? I haven’t even gotten around to a full review of the Penzu online journaling service and here I am reviewing the iPhone interface!

How dare I. Really.

To be honest, I have chosen this method of my Penzu overview because there are so many features included in the service that I haven’t gotten to all of them. Still, I want all of you to know about how great Penzu can be, so this way I can incrementally introduce it. The iPhone version is finite enough that I can tackle it early on… and that is exactly what this is.

In case you don’t know, Penzu is an online, web-based journaling service. It offers to subscriptions, free or a paid. One of the features offered with the paid version, Penzu Pro, is the ability to use it with your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android). You simply access the site in your browser and it allows you to login with the same username and password (later you set up a 4 digit pin for quicker access). On the iPhone you can bookmark it to your home screen. This way it looks like you have a neat little Penzu app (the icon isn’t too shabby!) but it actually isn’t a separate app, just a link to Safari.

From here you can open an existing journal or start a new one. Starting an entry allows you to input text with your device, just like you would a text message. You can also look at previous entries and edit them as well if you would like. From the entry you can email it out if you so desire, delete it, add tags or search.

Although it is great to have the power to add to your journal from your iPhone, it is a little frustrating that more features aren’t mobile accessible, especially for the yearly fee. Pictures especially would be nice since the device is where the pictures originate and it would be a cinch to add them, just as you would in native journal apps.

For $19 a year this feature is a nice addition but it must be remembered that it is only a single feature of a host of abilities of the Penzu service. It journaling is important to you (and if it isn’t, why not?) then you should seriously consider a service like Penzu. The security is unmatched, the customization is nearly endless and, oh yeah, you can use it from your phone.

Of course if you aren’t sure you want to commit to a paid journaling service, just try the free version out for a while. I’m confident you will figure out if you like it or not and when you are ready to make the upgrade, your journal entries will go along with you.

Click here for Penzu!

Have any of you tried out Penzu yet?