In most industries there are a bunch of little guys and there are just a few players in the big league.

And no, this won’t be the last time I compare America’s favorite pastime (trademark?) to journaling. Probably.

As far as online big league (personal, not Live Journal!) journals go you have LDS Journal and Penzu. In the mobile world there are a few more as well including Mac Journal, Day One, Wonderful Days and Momento. Maybe a few more I haven’t run into yet.

Penzu is great enough that this is the third post dedicated to the service (along with a few other mentions) when I haven’t even given another journal two! Super duper encryption, tons of backgrounds, multiple journals, media entries and much, much more. Today they shook it up and took their game to a whole ‘notha level-

-a dedicated app for not only the iPhone, but Android as well.

Allow me to yell a little and be overly redundant for a second. Perhaps the best journaling service that ALREADY allowed you to write posts from your mobile device via a web application just went out and made a dedicated app FOR MULTIPLE PLATFORMS.

When you are looking for features in an app, I have frequently suggested perhaps the most important is a journal that you can use wherever you (AKA cross platform syncronization) and assurance that the service will be around for a long time (or allow you to take your journal with you along the way via PDF).

Now Penzu does all of there. Let me slow down for a second, however, and admit the interface isn’t as beautiful as Day One and there aren’t as many features as Wonderful Days. Oh, and there is kind of a catch. If you aren’t a Pro user you won’t be able to sync it with your existing online account. So if journaling isn’t as important to you as $20 a year, forget everything I said above and kindly grab a dollar journal (many of which are rather fine, thank you).  Or just download it and just keep your journal on your phone.

Either, or.

So, if you are a Penzu Pro user or have considered it, head on over to the app store and grab the FREE app.

Anyone tried it yet?

UPDATE: It turns out the new has some stability issues that a lot of users are struggling with. Between this, the interface and the lack of good media options, I am holding out hope that Penzu has a few good updates in store in the near future.