Orange_Diary (2)Orange Diary was quite a delight to use.  One could call it the Swiss Army Knife of diary and journaling apps.  Not only can it do many different things, but it can do them well.  It is a great tool for someone who, in addition to making journal entries, has projects and task to keep track of.  For instance you can add an entry that is a project and within the entry you can add a task list.  This will show up in your timeline and you can choose a specific icon of your liking to identify your non journal entries.  In addition, you can have folders appear in your timeline that contain many different diary entries, project entries or task lists.  It is quite versatile when it comes to how you can structure your entries.  This would be a great tool for someone who is writing a book or articles in addition to keeping a daily progress log.

The app can store photos, videos, audios, files, tasks and expenses.  You can manage your entries through the use of icons, tags, templates and attachments.  The app also has the ability to set reminders which can be a huge help when working with projects and tasks.  In addition, it is highly customizable as to colors, text size, and format for date time and currency.  It has the capability to use templates so that frequently used information does not have to be entered repeatedly.

Orange_Diary (3)The timeline view is quite nice and has shortcut buttons on the right side for use in performing certain functions such as adding new entries, adding new folders, switching to calendar view, adding tags, search, etc.  This too can be customized and you may choose what buttons you want to appear and whether or not you want the button to have text listing what shortcut it performs.  As I pointed out in a few of my past reviews, the one feature I miss is that when an entry contains a photo, the photo does not show in the timeline view, rather a paperclip icon shows.  What this causes one to do is to have to click on the entry and enter it to see what is in the entry.  It is so handy and helpful to have the photos appear in the timeline view. I don’t understand why more developers don’t incorporate this feature into their app.

The app has many more features that can be checked out by going to Google Play and taking a look—features such as import and export, backup and restore and so on.  Orange diary also has a trial version limited by the number of entries you can input.  The trial version will give you a good idea as to what the app is capable of.  I hope you try it and if so I would appreciate your comment below as to what you think of the program. Until then, Happy Journaling!

Written by Drew Thomas – EJ Staff Writer