In a seemingly previous life I worked for a package delivery company. This particular company handled millions of packages a day as a whole and we would often touch and move hundreds personally. Some were big and heavy others small and light. Others were large and fragile and even others had many ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’ (that were ignored more often than noticed). Our managers often reiterated how precious each package was regardless of how insignificant single parcels seemed. They would even encourage us to treat each package as if it were our own. While this perhaps was overlooked or forgotten in the rush of the daily deliveries, the message stuck in my own mind and I would sometimes imagine what sort of present or prize a package would contain and how devastating it would be if I lost something valuable that I shipped.

Photo Credit - Matthew Johnson

Photo Credit – Matthew Johnson

Somewhat similarly, we trust software developers with something with equal or greater worth- our personal data. In our case, journal application developers host, encrypt, transfer, display and/or compile our personal stories. Yes, many promise us ‘backup’ or ‘syncing’ and most of the time it works. But what about when it doesn’t? What is the fail safe for when the fail safe falls through?

I ask with personal a personal tone and, frankly, frustration. As I have tested various journals and diaries and even trusted a few of them with my most precious entries. Now, for the second time, I have lost valuable memories because of the failure of developers and it is d r i v i n g  m e  c r a z y! And I’m not the only one. Easy Journaling is ripe with fellow journalers equally frustrated from a loss of data due to a software malfunction.

The reason it drives us crazy isn’t because we believe that problems never happen and that software should be perfect. It drives us crazy because there should be backups to every backup as well as (encrypted) duplication for emergencies.

Additionally- and this is the most important part to me- users should be given more control of their own data. Sure, you have a password and you can log in and create entries to an ever increasing stream of personal regurgitation, but what about letting us back it up on our own? Specifically, I believe every journal application (whether mobile or desktop/laptop) should have an export to PDF version. And this does not


Photo Credit - Kay Kim

Photo Credit – Kay Kim

mean an export individual entries. No one wants this! Give us the ability to export our entire journal in PDF form so that we can save it/ print it/ back it up to our little hearts content. This feature should be in every version of every software: smartphone, tablet, desktop laptop and, if necessary, Palm Pilot. Also, if a bug makes it so that we can’t sync anymore we can at least salvage what we have on our device.

So to summarize, developers, we have entrusted you with our most precious data. Treat it as if it were your own. Don’t screw it up please or we will move on to someone who is more careful with it. Thanks.

Have you had entries erased or lost due to application malfunction? Now is the time to vent!