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If you are a dreamer or liked My Daily Journal (MDJ) featured recently, listen up. My Daily Dream Journal (from the creators of MDJ, JI Software) refers not to my own personal dream journal (I’ll be honest, I’ve never kept one), but an interesting new app for the iPhone and iPad that promises to record those fleeting dreams.

Actually, to justsay MDDJ is an app that records dreams would fall short of what it can do. Similar to any other journal, create an entry and input the details of your dream. After you are done it scans your document for terms and phrases that might actually mean something. And this is the cool part. It lists these tag-like terms at the bottom and if you tap on one, it will give you an analysis of what that part of your dream could have meant. For example, falling is described as such: “Falling is a very common dream theme: perhaps this is because your body will sometimes jerk awake after a ‘fall’, causing you to remember that dream. Think about the fall. Do you see the fall coming or does it happen all of a sudden? …Your subconscious may be concerned that you’ve fallen from someone’s good graces…”

This interesting take on how dreams are recorded and analyzed is a fun break from a stained notebook on the nightstand. It may even help you discover things about yourself or your life you never knew. I have never tried a dream journal, but I think I am intrigued enough to actually give it a try.

As far as the features and actual use of the app, you will probably be pleased. There are eight backgrounds to choose from, several which are beautifully animated. If you have ever used Weather HD, Dream Journal employs equally gorgeous high definition videos for these backgrounds.

Fonts, like MDJ, are aplenty. Like dozens and dozens. Fluffy, squirly, blocky or traditional.

There is also a calendar to see what days you have written that employs a brief view of entries, just like MDJ. It would be nice to see a home screen rather than just going straight to the entry view, but that is a small issue.

Overall, My Daily Dream Journal is an incredible take on an app I didn’t know I wanted. For just $1, you will probably want to check this out.

My Daily Dream Journal – Dream Journal/Dictionary – JI Software Company

Any good dreams out there lately?