As I mentioned roughly a month ago, I am going to start reporting on how I am doing with my own personal journal keeping as well as other metrics of capturing my life. I will do this for two reasons: 1) hold myself accountable to the goals I am setting and 2) help you have some sort of bar to check yourself against. I am by no means perfect or the highest bar. Rather, I would consider my efforts perhaps above average with many exceeding the quantity and quality of my journaling and picture taking.

May was a crazy month. We are going through a life transition right now (more details on that soon) and it has taken everything in maintain a daily routine. My daughter is fully walking now and saying more and more words (she just hit 15 months) so we are trying to catch as much of that as possible. My son loves to learn new words so it is fun to hear him randomly say “Dad, that would be fantastic!” He recently turned three. I was also able to document our camping trip (father/son) from a few weeks ago (see picture) when he woke up at 2am and proceeded to release the contents of the previous nights dinner all over the tent (TMI… I know!) I was able to consider the question- what do you do when it is 2am and you, your son and your tent are -ahem- in that condition? (Answer? That $30 WalMart tent went swiftly into the trash and we lost a pillow, sweater and blanket as collateral damage.)

I have also been focusing more on business as I am making this life transition. This has given me several opportunities to work out my thoughts and feelings on what I want to do with my life. There were several long emails I wrote to family and my business mentor that I pasted into my journal so that added some variety and bumped up the word count.

It seems like we have taken a lot of pictures, but as I look back through them, many are near duplicates. Both Tiff and I have a habit of taking several pictures to try and get the right one and then never deleting all of the other ones. It is an area we need to work on.

I have a single goal for June- write in my journal every single day. That sounds daunting, but I know that several (if not many) of those entries will be only a couple of sentences with a picture attached to them. I also want to work journal writing into my morning routine, veering away from the nightly entries I typically write that are shortened by exhaustion. I hope that writing in my journal in the morning will help me focus on what I want to accomplish for the day. Many successful thought leaders teach this and I strongly feel that it will enhance my days and productivity.

May 2013

  • 5128 words written in personal journal
  • 12 entries
  • 427 words/entry average
  • 9 pictures in journal
  • 198 total pictures taken (between Tiff and myself)
  • 9 video clips taken

Overall I give myself a B for May. My word count was great but I want to write more entries with good pictures attached to them. I also want to cut down on the duplicate pictures and record a few more videos.

Are these useful or a waste of time? Let me know in the comments!