Photo Credit - Nevil zaveri

Photo Credit – Nevil Zaveri

As you may have heard in the most recent podcast, our family has made some major life decisions recently. These have spiraled us into an exciting direction but has also given us low stability as we have been basically living with family and out of suitcases for a month.

I say this to give context to the type of month that June was; not your typical month. Still, we managed to capture our life significantly along the way and have had some great moments together. This included our big move, several family gatherings and a vacation/reunion in Utah.

I also made the goal to write in my journal every single day for the month of June. Unfortunately I missed this goal like two days into the month but surprisingly pulled together some good strings of journal/days and ended up only missing 6 days in total of the 30.  Sure, some of those entries were only a sentence long, but many were actually long and deep as well.

June 2013 (Click here to see May)

  • 3290 words written in personal journal (May-5128)
  • 21 entries (May- 12)
  • 150 words/entry average (May- 427)
  • 12 pictures in journal (May- 9)
  • ?? total pictures taken (I’m away from my desktop so I don’t have access to these numbers right now)
  • ?? video clips taken

Overall I give myself a C+ for May. I wrote more entries than usual, but they were typically very short so my total word count wasn’t really that high. I didn’t make the goal to write every day in July because we still aren’t settled, but perhaps next month I will.