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Dream journals aren’t a new concept, but they have arguably grown in popularity with smartphones and app stores. For those unfamiliar, a dream journal allows you to record your dreams (hopefully as soon as you wake up) and they help you not only record them, but interpret them as well. I’ve spotlighted one before, and now now the creators of Morpheus Dreams have come to me with this compelling argument as well as a chart outlining how it compares with competition in the app store. 

Note that the following information is from the developer. As always, I encourage you to do additional research if you are interested in purchasing any journal apps. Fortunately, Morpheus Dreams is only $1.99, so if you do want to give it a try you can do so with minimal risk. That being said, the app looks good to me (sporting several features above and beyond) and I have been pleasantly surprised with using dream journals in the past. Morpheus Dreams was designed to give users all the tools to easily build a dream journal, whilst exploring the meaning of the dreams. There are many Dream apps out there, but Morpheus Dreams is the first App to offer a comprehensive set of features from journal entry – you type complete journals, not just key words – to an integrated dictionary, interpretation tools, Share, Sync and Export functions, and much much more.

Using a user-friendly interface, Morpheus Dreams allows users to record routine entries, explore them, share them and interpret the dreams. Users can customize the app appearance and some of its functionalities to better fit their individual needs. The App uses the Cloud to synchronizes the dream journal across multiple mobile devices, also creating an automatic backup. Best of all, it allows the user to export their journal as text format, so that they are never locked into using this App to access their dream journal.

Here are the key features of Morpheus Dreams:

– Synchronize among your mobile devices so that you never loose your dream journal and your favorites. (Synchronization is done though a Google account)

– Type, record and edit full dream journal entries

– Read the interpretation of each symbol in your dream journal, as you type it.

– Export individual dream journals, or your complete journal, in text format, so that you can copy your journal to a word document, or even print it out.

– Consult our Dream Dictionary, with over 4000 entries. Our dictionary has been composed denovo through a careful curation and recompilation of the most valuable dream interpretations published throughout history: from Artemidorus, to Freud, Jung, Hasse and selected   others. Morpheus is the first and only App to offer a comprehensive and cohesive set of interpretations based on the foundational work in the field.

– Share your dreams via email, Facebook or Twitter

– Identify favorites journal and dictionary entries, to easily access the dreams and symbols that impacted you most.

– Search for specific words in your journal, to check how often some particular image appears in your dreams.

– Browse your dream journal in calendar view, to quickly see what patterns you may identify throughout a month or a year.

– Read your journal in book flip view

– Customize your app: user can customize the color appearance of the app (5 different color skins), the navigation dock items, and the start up page.

– Setup a password to keep your journal private

– Create past journal entries, not just today’s

– Setup an alarm reminding you to enter your dream journal

Click here to see the PDF comparison chart.

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