Photo Credit - Public domain pictures

Photo Credit – Public domain pictures

Seeing the growth of the Easy Journaling website and community over the past few years has been amazing and humbling. It has been an honor to take part in a movement that is growing so quickly with such passionate users at the forefront. Hundreds of you have joined the community via Twitter, Facebook and the mailing list. Thousands have commented on posts. Hundreds of thousands have visited the site.

There comes a point in most projects where one man can’t just do it alone anymore if the quality and growth are to be maintained. This is why we are choosing to expand our team so we can maintain the quality while still growing the Easy Journaling platform.

I am exited to announce that we are bringing on not one, but four writers on board! Three of the writers will be focusing on different devices for journal/diary reviews and one will be writing additional digital journaling content not focused on any single device.

Yes, I will still be here just like always!

This hiring will also allow me to focus even more on the Capturing Life Through Technology Podcast and writing more books and mini-guides (free and paid). I also want to make the mailing list the home for the most exclusive content so make sure you get on it!

I’m excited for the direction Easy Journaling is going and can’t wait to see what doubling or tripling the content does for this unique community.

What sorts of journal/diary app reviews are you most interested in?