monkkee_logoThis is a Feature Summary of a new journaling app I found called I discovered it just as I was updating the BJAT (Best Journaling App Tool) that was started over a year ago to help people find the best journaling application for their preferences. We’ve now added this and about a dozen other new apps that have gained some internet attention. Thanks to Christina Wieling for the guest post. I have added my own commentary at the end. monkkee is a new online journaling site with a special focus on privacy and data security. The name refers to the term “monkey mind”, a metaphor for the restless mind, which is to be tamed by journaling. Whether it is used as a personal journal, web notebook or to capture ideas – on writers can give their creativity free rein. This article provides an overview of monkkee’s key features and should help you get a taste of what monkkee is capable of. Tame Your “Monkey Mind” With This Secure Online Journal monkkee takes data security very seriously. To protect your journal from prying eyes, it uses password protection and a technology called client-side encryption, which means that your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer. Not even monkkee employees can ever access your data. With this approach, monkkee brings a completely new product to the market, since no other journaling or notebook service offers this feature. encryption_process It’s 100% Free – Keeping a private journal on monkkee is free. There are no hidden costs, upgrades or downgrades. You’re also not being hassled by blinking ads. Unlimited Storage Space – Write as much as you want to. monkkee does not limit the length of your texts and has no MB upload limit. Accessible from Anywhere – Since monkkee is browser-based, it lets you journal from any device with an Internet connection. Whether you are at home or on the move – if you have a sudden urge to write, you can access your data at any time and from anywhere. The responsive website also looks great in mobile view. monkkee is currently in beta for mobile devices. The monkkee team is constantly working on further optimising mobile support for monkkee so that the complete range of functions can be used on a smartphone or tablet PC. No Sharing –  The use of monkkee is private only. As a matter of principle, the application does not offer any social or share features. There are enough sharing platforms out there already, but your private journal should be just that – private. Upload Pictures – You can add images to your journal entries. Just like your texts, your pictures will be securely encrypted, so that no one except you can see them. Tagging – Tags can be assigned to categorize and easily find entries. The tagging function also allows you to keep several journals for your ideas, travels, or dreams. Powerful Search and Navigation – With monkkee you can reduce the time spent on finding a specific entry as it offers full-text search and a calendar that will make it easier for you to locate the entry you are looking for. With the graphical editor you can conveniently customize your entries using headlines, font colours or lists. The monkkee crew has taken time to create a simple and clean interface that allows you to easily navigate through your journal. Autosaving – monkkee’s auto-save function ensures that no data is lost. Each entry is automatically saved while you are editing it. Auto Logout – You forgot to log out of your account? Don’t worry – monkkee will automatically log you out if you remain inactive for more than 10 minutes. You can manually adjust the auto-logout period. Safely Backed Up – Since monkkee is an online application, your journal is not saved on your computer, but in the cloud. Even if your computer gets damaged or stolen, your data is always safely backed up online. Printing – Use monkkee’s print function to print or export individual or multiple entries at a time. Back-Dating – The back-dating function allows you to change the date of any entry. Language – Write your journal in a language-matched user interface. monkkee is currently available in English, German, French and Portuguese. easy_journaling_with_monkkee ** From Nathan: This isn’t the wildest, fanciest, or most feature-rich journaling tool; but if your goal is simply to write and record your  thoughts in a safe, convenient way, this is a super-easy app to get started with. You can try now with your free secure online journal here – it takes less than a minute!