Perhaps the most well known journaling website/blog you can find online is Create Write Now. The creator and journaling expert, Mari, has been more than generous as I have found my footing in the online journaling world often featuring my eJournal guest posts and promoting Easy Journaling through social media. She is a wonderful colleague, and I am honored that she has shared her thoughts about my recently released ebook, Modern Journaling. As always, I encourage you to click through to see some amazing journaling goodness at her website.

As you may have noticed, I love traditional pen-and-paper journal writing, but technology is always opening up new possibilities for how we can record our personal thoughts in a meaningful way. Modern Journaling explores these electronic journaling (or eJournaling) options so they are understandable and accessible (for technophiles and technophobes alike). It shows that keeping an electronic personal journal is safe, secure and convenient for busy, on-the-go lifestyles. The book also points out that there is no need for you to choose between pen-and-paper journaling and eJournaling – you can always do both!

Modern Journaling is a fascinating read for anyone interested in exploring a different side of journaling. Some of the highlights:

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