Here’s an all-in-one solution for those who insist on writing in paper journals, but want an electronic copy that is digitally stored in the cloud.

In this website, we have been sharing the best software solutions for journal-writing. Even still, I have complete empathy for people who prefer the old-fashioned method of paper and pen. Even after an honest attempt to try electronic journaling with the 30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge, there are some people who just crave the feel of a page under hand, and the scribing motions of an ink wand.

But there’s still the problem of backing up all that work. Most people want to save those precious hours of self-reflection and story-making. Even if your writings are just observations of your mind wandering, all that material is precious reading when you add the sacred and perspective-altering ingredient of time.

Store Your Paper Journals in a Cloud Box

I recently found this product, Mod Notebooks, which is the perfect answer for those who want their work backed up in the cloud, without having to photocopy every page!

They are sturdy, quality paper notebooks, very similar to the name brand Moleskin. But, included with the reasonable price, is a free service to have them scanned and returned to you for safekeeping.

Mod Notebooks works in three easy steps:

1. Select your favorite style of notebook here. There’s a variety to choose from. They ship quickly.

2. Use your journal to scratch, draw, doodle, vent, and write your stories. Have your way with it!

3. Using the mailing package provided, send your journal to the magic fairy who scans your journal to a private cloud account. Your original notebook is returned to you (FREE SHIPPING, both directions!) and you will receive a link to the saved digital copy.

EasyJournaling does not make any commission from the sale of these journals … but we were able to secure a special code for 15% off your entire purchase! Just use the coupon code: JOURNALTALK at the shopping cart, and your entire purchase price will be adjusted, regardless of how many notebooks you want.

Nathan purchased three of them immediately, and found the entire process to be amazingly simple and convenient. Best of all: the peace of mind, knowing that your journals are backed up and stored electronically, without threat of fire, flood, tornado or earthquake!

We look forward to hearing your reviews, and letting us know how you like this service. Please share in the comments below if you have any feedback!