Recording one’s life events has nearly paralleled humanity in its entirety. Many of the religious books we use today, including the Bible, are a compilation (at least in part) of personal journals. As long as a writing utensil and medium have been available, humans have written down their history. Even today, many faithful journal keepers prefer the intimacy of a physical book to write in.

Journaling has only moved past ink and paper in the last few decades. The personal computer made digitally stored journals and diaries a reality in the 70’s. In the 90’s, the Internet was a major catalyst for the possibilities of how, when and where you could update your journal.

Blogging (a smash-up of ‘Web Log’) is a close cousin of the personal journal and garnered a strong following in 00’s. Although a blog was essentially a diary of life events, it still keeps a measured distance from personal journaling because it is the antithesis of personal.

Smartphones have emerged as a huge player in the journal world only in the past few years. The iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other operating systems have dozens of great applications available either as stand-alone clients or interfaces for online services.

All of these options can be separated into digital and non-digital. Perhaps you use one of these, don’t use any of these or are looking for a more efficient system.

Let us help make that decision an easier one.