2After using Memoires: the Diary for the past week, a very feature-laden android journaling app, I find that there is a lot to like about this program.  First of all, the price is right, as it is available for free on the Google Play store – what’s not to like about that?

The journal entry process is very easy and straight forward.  You can enter text, photos, audio and emoticons.  In addition, the program will automatically add the weather and a map of your location if you desire.  The user interface is very attractive in the timeline view and in the editing view.  Photos taken in portrait mode however, are handled oddly, and that is that they show up in the entry rotated 90 degrees from how you had taken them.  If you go into editing and tap on the photo there is a menu option to rotate the photo 90 degrees while viewing it in full screen, however when you return to the entry the photo reverts back to the sideways view.  One other disappointment with using photos is that they don’t show up as thumbnails in the timeline view, rather there is an icon indicating that your entry has a photo in it.


A handy option in preferences gives you the ability to choose to have your timeline view displayed in the compact mode which allows for more entries to be visible onscreen.  This was my preferred way to use this view.

You may also like a feature called flow through.  Using this feature, you can enter an entry and then add another separate entry later pertaining to the same subject using the flow through feature so it connects to the earlier entry.  You can do this again and again and later view the entries as a chain of entries, one after the other.  This could be a very handy feature when you need to make periodic entries pertaining to the same subject matter.  There are also tags available within the app and you can list all the entries that have the same tag.


The syncing feature of this app has a lot to be improved upon.  It is definitely not for the beginner user.  Your information is synced to Google Drive in a table (spreadsheet).  You need to know that you have to go to the second page of the spreadsheet to see your entry. It is quite a bit different viewing your entry in table form than in the formatted app screen.  You can add to this entry and it will sync back to your android device, but again you need to know just where to place your entries.  It is not intuitive at all and needs to seriously be reconsidered by the developer.  I have seen much better sync implementations which are quite easy to use, for example in the app Diaro.

Nevertheless aside from a few shortcomings, Memoires: the Diary is quite attractive and useful if you are looking for a digital journaling app.  Having the weather is useful if you are journaling about things that can be effected by the weather.  There is an add-on and a widget that can be purchased from the Google Play store.  There is a nice HTML export feature and many other options that you can explore once you download the app and give it a whirl.  It’s worth a look… Happy journaling!