Meernotes - Fabulously Retro

You can tell when I like an app because you will not only see an initial review, but also road tests and updates when they get new features. Penzu, LDS Journal and Wonderful Days are all on this short list.

Also on this list (see here and here) is one of my all time favorites, Meernotes by Fabulously Retro. Never has an iPhone application felt so much like a real notebook as this little treasure. It is as beautiful as it is functional and I’ve continually found uses for it, even though it isn’t my personal daily journal.

Now, however, Fabulously Retro has taken the game to a whole new level with the recent 2.0 release. Now it is not only more attractive and easy to use (I love page turning animations!), but it also now has some of those must-have features such as pictures and passwords. Meernotes has gone from a novelty that was fun to use to a full-fledged journaling application capable of competing with the big dogs like Day One and Momento.

Another thing I have always loved about Meernotes is the multiple journal feature. Of the dozens and dozens of journaling applications I have used across many devices, I’ve only found about four that actually offer this and I don’t know why more don’t! Keep a separate journal for yourself and one for each of your kids if you would like. Or you can even keep one gratitude journal, another dream journal… and so on. As a matter of fact, if you are keen to writing large portions of text on your iPhone, Meernotes would work perfectly to write an entire novel in because it has such nice organizational features or just work as a notebook for collecting notes and inspirations.

Meernotes also now has Evernote export to go along with Dropbox backup. It doesn’t yet have those social media features that are becoming more common in applications such as and Momento, but who knows what 3.0 will bring. The developer is also actively working on an iPad version as well.

For $0.99 all of you iPhone users really need to try this out. And YES, it works with the iPhone 5. See the video below to see it in action.

When you try it, let me know if I am wrong in my assesments and comment below!

Meernotes - Fabulously Retro