Meernotes - Fabulously Retro

It’s been a while, but a few months ago I wrote about an interesting little diary/notebook app for the iPhone called Meernotes when it first came out (it was initially called Molenotes). I gave it fairly high praises and it has seen similar respect from other critics and users alike. Unlike other digital writing mediums where every page is essentially unlimited, Meernotes strives to actually duplicate a little notebook by only allowing you to write a certain amount of words on each page. After that you can turn the page (which, fortunately, seem to be unlimited) and continue your thought.

Not only are these pages and notebooks gorgeous, but you can keep multiple journals and store them on a built-in bookshelf. It also includes Dropbox syncing, several fonts, bookmarking, indexing, tabbing and more.

Even though I quickly fell in love with Meernotes, there were a few missing features that prevented me from making it into my daily journal. Most notably was the missing password as I would never even start a journal/diary without one. There also isn’t any way to insert pictures into entries and PDF export would be nice. Basically, Meernotes is really as close as you can to having a little notebook on your iPhone and doesn’t really try and be a true diary, and that’s okay.

So in the months following, I held onto this great app with the hopes that I could find a use for it in my daily life. It wasn’t long before I was pulling it out now and again to make a quick list or keep a note. Now I have used it for several weeks consistently and I can say that it has found a permanent home on my front screen and I have also defined what I use it for.

If I am going to keep notes, say at a meeting, I will open my personal journal app and use that. This way it is kept chronologically with all of my other entries. There are other notes, however, that don’t work in my personal journal. For example, after reading Steven R. Covey’s 7 Habits, I decided I wanted to write a mission statement. Since I would refer to this often for reference and updating, I wanted it to be in a easy to access place so I put it in Meernotes. I also try and keep all of my ‘million dollar’ ideas written down in a central location (hey, you never know) and Meernotes has fit the bill. This new ‘back pocket notebook’ also includes places for other on-the-fly thoughts and inspirations and a ’30 Things To Do Before I’m 30′ list I recently wrote.

So for $1.99 USD, I highly recommend Meernotes, not as a personal journal or diary, but that other notebook you want with you at all times to record all of those important thoughts you would otherwise forget.

Anyone else tried Meernotes?

Meernotes - Fabulously Retro