Although there is no wrong way to journal, there are some techniques that will improve it and make the experience more fulfilling. These techniques can include sharing personal stories, inserting pictures or screenshots or even fun things like top 10 lists.

I have already discussed how time is the special ingredient that turns the ordinary words we write in our journals to priceless treasures. Time is an amazing, untamable creature but with a journal we can capture it and string it together. It is a place where our yesterdays and todays can coexist in harmony.

But what about our tomorrows? Obviously we can’t jump forward and describe our life in the future. We can, however, discuss the future openly by expressing our fears, aspirations, goals and dreams. These methods of describing the future are not only a good way to improve our entries, but become especially interesting when we read them down the road. This sort of futurecasting is one of those things that you don’t fully understand and appreciate until after you do it.

Photo Credit - Maral Sassouni

Photo Credit – Maral Sassouni

One of the more specific ways I have found to discuss my tomorrows is with predictions. These can be simple or in depth and can discuss things next week or ten years from now. These predictions can be informal or more structured like a letter to yourself to be read in the future at some date.

Reading these predictions after they were supposed to come to pass gives an interesting insight into our minds at that stage in our lives. For example, lets say that 3 years ago I said that I would have my first book published by now. If I read that now, it would almost be funny to me because I ended up not even trying to get my book published and rather pursued other creative ventures such as creating a website about digital journaling.

Life is a constantly changing stream. Give yourself some benchmarks to judge the past with by including some predictions in your next entry.

Have you made a prediction in your journal before? Did it come true?