Photo Credit - Vanessa

Photo Credit – Vanessa

I know I am tip-toeing in taboo land with this, but I know I’m not the first one to dwell on it. What place does erasing/crumpling/burning/ripping/deleting have in journaling?┬áMany who preach this practice usually point out that true journaling is free and careless. It is honest, open and true. What is written is who you are and should remain.

A better way to understand this issue is to think of the opposite. What if your favorite way to journal was with a pencil and fat eraser? What if you thought about carefully crafting your words before writing them and editing them if you didn’t like them? It seems like that approach would be against the spirit of keeping a journal, but maybe it’s just me.

But even with all of this gospel of the trueness of journaling, I’ll be honest, I have gone back and edited. There have just been certain entries I have made that I didn’t feel comfortable with when I read them in the future so I got rid of them- either by ripping out a page, scribbling over in pen or more recently deleting.

When thinking about why I do this, I think the best answer is that for me, personally, I look at my journal as something I hope my grandkids will enjoy in the future. This open approach I take to my own journal probably makes me treat my entries more conservatively than others. I want my posterity to know who I really am, but I also want to have some control of that image.

So, now that I’ve said it, anyone else want to admit to ‘fixing their books’?