JRNLYou may have read my announcement about JRNL, the new and improved version of LDSJournal, the popular journaling app which has been consistently rated extremely highly for its robust features and emphasis on archiving family history.

In this episode of Capturing Life Through Technology, I interview Nick Jones, Founder and Lead Visionary of JRNL.com. Nick has been in the tech industry for over 16 years and has experience in Management, Marketing & Operations. Previously, he has worked as a Brand Consultant to Wrangler, Special Olympics, Mandalay Resorts and Las Vegas Events.

I felt some relief to learn that the beloved LDSJournal had not totally disappeared, and I also felt satisfaction to learn about its continued success as JRNL.com. I enjoyed meeting Nick, and learning that JRNL.com offers both web and mobile journal writing. It also offers autobiographical tools, traditional book publishing and more. And according to Nick, they’re only just starting to pave a new future for journal-writers all over the world.