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Interview about digital journaling on Journalverse

Recently, I was featured in Kathleen Adams’ community website affectionately known as “The Journalverse”. For more about Kathleen’s amazing contributions to the world of journal therapy and her creation of the Journalverse, please visit and listen to my JournalTalk podcast on the subject. This interview was held on a recorded line with several Journalverse members, and titled “Paper or Plastic? Writing in the Digital Age” Can typing your journal offer the same benefits as handwriting? Beyond personal preference, is one more therapeutic than the other? Explore differences and similarities between analog and digital journaling in this interview on the Journalverse. You’ll also hear an invitation to use the 30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge, to judge for yourself whether a keyboard can capture your innermost thoughts and feelings. This is the 17th episode of the Capturing Life Through Technology Podcast, and features a discussion with entrepreneur and founder of the Journalverse, Kathleen Adams.