Journalized - Andrew Hart

In a world of increasingly more, less often stands out and becomes desirable. Similarly, if you remove clutter and distractions from and application, it becomes easier to focus on the purpose of the software.

Such is the case with the new Journalized for the iPhone. It achieves bare minimum in an elegant way without offering (or, as is often the case, forcing) more than you need. Tap the plus button to create and entry and away you go. Insert text as well as pictures or videos from your device and your entry is complete. Entries are displayed in a feed in reverse chronological and a calendar is also available to see what days you created entries.

There is an audience for this, but it isn’t for everyone. The developer is promising future updates that will give iCloud/Dropbox support, password lock and landscape typing. But notice what I just said: there is no cloud backup, no password lock and no landscape typing! As beautiful as this app is, these are critical failures at this point.

Journalized is a step in the right direction, but until some of these updates further materialize, you should steer clear. There are better options for the same price that are just as beautiful with more features. Someday Journalized may be the iPhone journal of choice, but that day isn’t today, especially not for $0.99.

Journalized - Andrew Hart


Easy Journaling Score: 6/10