Thank you for expressing interest to co-sponsor ​the ​first annual 30-Day Digital Journal Challenge, starting October 1st. If you would like to sign up as a co-sponsor, please provide the following:

What We Need From Journaling Coaches
  • Permission to give away up to 3 copies of your ebook or other digital product to use as a raffle drawing giveaway to participants in the challenge
  • An image of the cover of any book you are promoting, approximately 500 x 700 in size
  • A photo (preferably headshot), approximately 500 x 700 in size
  • A bio paragraph about your experience, background, accomplishments, etc. Suggested length: 100-200 words.
  • At least 5 journaling prompts. Prompts should be short and succinct. However, please include some setup/background (limit to 200 words each) if needed to help Challenge participants focus on getting to the heart of a particular question, issue, or aspect of of their life. You are encouraged to pull prompts from your book, website, or other materials, and provide the source reference, including page number if available, for each prompt. Keep in mind some participants will be new to journal writing, and others very experienced. We also expect a large number of participants who will be trying journal-writing by keyboard for the first time.
  • We also encourage you to provide a photo image (with Creative Commons rights) to post with your prompt, as you would for a blog post, but this is optional.
  • Sign and return the attached Media Release form for permission to use your image, and written prompts. (Note: you can print, sign, and scan a copy of the permission form and email it to us. And here are a few other ways to sign documents on your computer.)
  • In the coming week, we’ll provide you with a picture image that you can use to promote the Challenge. We would appreciate your help in posting the graphic on your website, newsletters, etc. to get plenty of coverage, and linking it to

Email, by August 15th, all the above information, including copies and license codes for your digital book or product to Nathan Ohren, at Additional information and a link to the 30-Day Digital Journal Challenge webpage is forthcoming.

Registration for the Challenge will begin before or on September 1st. We invite you to also register and participate in the Challenge so you can see the collection of prompts and tips from our larger journaling community!

Thank you again for co-sponsoring (or requesting more information) the 30-Day Digital Journal Challenge, which we see as another way to build and support the journal writing community.

Sincerely yours,

Nathan Ohren
(805) 509-1164 (cell and text)