Windbell-Diary - Coolin

The first thing you notice when you open Windbell-Diary  is that it looks nothing like a diary. It looks more like a relaxation gardening app, really.

But that is because it is more than just another diary app.

When it comes to features, Windbell checks off one after another. Google docs and email backup- check. Picture insert- check. Customizable backgrounds- check. Emoticons and weather icons- check. Lite and iPad versions- check.

Random grow your own flower feature you never knew you needed but is kind of cool- check.

And we are just getting started. I haven’t even gotten to the unmatched 58 fonts, ability to record notes or built in music player function. The home screen is beautifully rendered and dynamic and the theme is constant throughout. There is also Facebook and Twitter integration if you would like to defy my advice of keeping your private journal private. Passwords are available though, as well as landscape mode and most other basic features you should expect out of a upper tier journal application.

I only had a few issues. The first is that I couldn’t find a way to search through my entries which is a feature of surprising uses. It also has to boot up with a splash screen every time you open it, even if it is already “open” in the dock. And finally, although the theme is attractive and earthy, I think the whole thing is a little bit clunky if you like to just get in and get your journaling done the way Day One emphasizes.

Still, Windbell-Diary – Coolin is shockingly deep and well rounded and that is why I have put it in the best iPhone apps category. If you choose it, you probably won’t be disappointed.

Easy Journaling Rating: 8/10