I’ve just taken Sorting Thoughts for a quick test drive on a Verizon Palm Pre and there are some good things to be said about this app and the platform the developers are building around it. Most notably, the availability of the software not only on WebOS (Palm Pre) AND Android, but Windows and Mac as well.

Recently I spoke of available methods to sync a journal between an iPhone and a computer. Although there are some promising applications, there is still much to be desired. Perhaps this is why I find the discovery of Sorting Thoughts so refreshing- journaling software that syncs between multiple devices (including computers) and has a bunch of good features. (You can see the bottom of this post for a full listing of features of both the free-version and full version)

The mobile versions are free and allow rudimentary journaling functions such as password lock and unlimited entries. To get the full Sorting Thoughts experience, though, you will need to pay the $40 for the Windows or Mac versions. Doing so allows you to sync and upload you mobile entries to the computer version, plus all of the additional features listed below.

Let me talk about the price for a second. Paying $40 for journaling software seems like a lot when you can get many mobile diaries for a dollar or two or use free versions of Penzu or LDS Journal for free. Still, if you use Penzu at $20 a year for a few years, you are paying for more than $40 anyways. I can especially see the appeal of Sorting Thoughts for someone who may have a Palm Pre as their phone, an Android tablet and a PC as well (’cause we know the Android crowd doesn’t fancy the Macs). And if you are interested in this unique software but aren’t sure if you want to pay yet? You can request a free 30 day trial!

So if you are a Palm Pre user, I highly recommend checking Sorting Thoughts out, not for just the features, but for the full journaling integration.

Easy Journaling Rating: 7/10


Sorting Thoughts Features Free-Version Full-Version
manage standard thoughts        Tick      Tick
external links        Tick      Tick
internal links        Tick      Tick
100% data control        Tick      Tick
no ads        Tick      Tick
no user tracking        Tick      Tick
no space limit        Tick      Tick
encrypted data        Tick      Tick
printing        Tick      Tick
multiple thought collections      Tick
password lock      Tick
special thoughts (projects, tasks, …)      Tick
tagging      Tick
attachments      Tick
free sorting      Tick
color marker      Tick
HP Palm webOS and Android Sync      Tick
automatic backup      Tick