Saga DiaryWhen you want something done, the best option is probably the simplest option. If you want to nail something then use a hammer. If you want to cut paper then use a pair of scissors. Or if you want to get to the other side of the road then you have to start walking ASAP. Life is supposed to be easy. Complicating it with extra stuff doesn’t make it any better. To some people, simplicity is the most important of all features.

In the war of journal apps, some apps try to have something up their sleeves in an attempt to outdo the competition. Others have certain functions, while even others try to be aesthetically different from the others. Maybe, (just maybe) what we need is a journal app that lets you do what you want to do without distracting you with stuff you don’t need to do. Who wouldn’t want to have a journal app that won’t ask you if you want to publish your app on some social media platform or a journal app that will just silently take down your journal without prompting you with any extra and unnecessary trick?

If this is you, Saga Diary for Android is worth checking out. You can say that this is one of the purest forms that a journal app can possibly take on. All the necessary functions are present and all the unnecessary ones are thrown out the window. Feel free to write down anything because the app is password protected. Take down notes using its speech to text functionality. Backup your files in one click. Export your entries the safe and easy way into multiple formats. You can even easily restore all your entries (if your device crashes or breaks and you lose them) using the exported data. Saga Diary gives you the chance to keep a journal without all the drama. Forget about extra buttons or extra windows that you don’t want or need.

Let’s face it, the world is into “more is better”. If something has more stuff in it that something else then it is supposed to be better. Saga Diary begs to challenge this belief. With its simple, down-to-earth yet functional setup, more and more journalers will realize that less is more.

Additionally, Saga Diary scored a 70/100 on my extremely non-scientific Android app ranking process which made it fifth of 20. For just $0.99 USD (and a free version for a no-risk trial), Saga Diary is worth a look.