PlainDiary - ordinaryFactory

Some feel that features and usability are mutually exclusive. While this might be the case in some situations, I have seen many developers successfully present a beautiful and simple app while having a deep feature set beneath the surface. Apple is actually a great example of this. Their products are usually very easy to use but still have a ton of customization, options and utility if you look a little deeper.

PlainDiary is, in most aspects, the beauty without the brawn. The interface is clean and simple- rather like Day One actually- but the beauty is only skin deep. Even the nice aesthetics aren’t customizable, which is a shame, especially if you don’t like baby blue.

The first thing you see is a calendar with the days marked that you have journaled. Here you can flip through the months or just scroll down to see the entries for the current month. This view will give you a snippet view of what you have written on those days.

When you are writing an entry, you supposedly can write both in portrait and landscape, though I had problems with landscape on my Verizon iPhone 4. A unique feature is the fact that individual entries can be locked, something I haven’t seen before.

Logic has brought me to the conclusion that Ordinary Factory is a Korean based company, so you can type in Korean if you would like (or, know how). There are also a bunch of fonts to choose from, but, as I mentioned, no themes or further customization.

You can favorite entries, but there are no other ways to tag or rate your days. There are also no options for importing pictures or any media of any type.

Backup is accomplished with iTunes and you can export individual entries via email.

If you just want a journal or diary for your iPhone or iPod touch without a bunch of features to confuse you, or if you are from Korea, PlainDiary is a good choice. Most everyone else will be much more satisfied with one of the big boys like Momento or Day One.

PlainDiary is currently $0.99.

Easy Journaling Rating: 5/10