My iStory - My iStory

I am a huge fan of innovation. I would much rather watch a movie, read a book or play a game that tries something new- even if it is risky. Unfortunately the general population disagrees and seems to prefer proven formulas. The result is blockbuster remakes of the same movies (with 3 sequels) and 50 solid selling Angry Birds clones smartphone games.

Because of this, I like one of the newest additions to the iPhone journal scene: My iStoryThe organization is accomplished by 5 icons at the bottom of the screen: Diary, Calendar, Galleries, Books and Slideshows. Diary is where you make traditional entries with text. Pictures can be included to these entries and can also be tagged. There is also an interesting function where you can add thought or speech bubbles to these pictures if you would like. Calendar view shows the days that have entries. Galleries show your pictures after you have organized them with tags. Search is also included which is also nice to see.

The books and slideshow section is where Marian Skehill really rewrote the script. I have mentioned several times that perhaps my favorite eJournal feature is the ability to export to PDF. The books section of MyiStory allows you to build a PDF of your entries, right within the app! From here you can view this PDF in iBooks or other apps or even export via email. While I am so excited about this function, it only includes the pictures and none of the text so unfortunately, at this point, this PDF won’t be a very good representation of your journal.

The slideshow builds a picture movie of the photos you have uploaded into your journal. This could be a fun way to view the past in picture form.

Another downer is the password protection in its current state. While you can set a 4 digit pin, it isn’t required when opening the app. Instead you have to individually pass lock entries and this isn’t set to on by default. Another missing feature is any form of customization in MyiStory. This may not be a deal breaker for you, but some will really miss the fonts, backgrounds and themes offered by competitors.

In short, My iStory is a promising new diary application for the iPhone with an emphasis on photos. It offers amazing, never-before-seen features that have the potential to take your journal to the next level. Unfortunately a few things are missing, but with an update or two MyiStory could vault itself into direct competition with the best journal/diary apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, especially for only $0.99.

For more information, please check out this well-made intro video from the developer.

Easy Journaling Rating: 7/10