My Momentz -
I speak often of features that matter and the number of options journal apps have. But what if all of those features and options were stripped away, leaving only a functional, simple diary for your smartphone?

The result might very well be My Momentz for the iPhone, a journal that offers just enough to get by while still working well and coming in at a nice price point, $0.99. Password protection is supported as well as attaching pictures to entries and landscape typing. Emoticons are one of the highlights as they are bright and full of personality.

Entries can be sorted by ones that have attachments or ones that are bookmarked or even ones of a certain mood, but I couldn’t find a search function. There is also no backup feature and the only export option is via email (or just the text to Facebook).

Fortunately the developer is forward thinking and hopes to soon incorporate text styling options as well as features that users feel necessary (by emailing suggestions).

Ultimately My Momentz isn’t headed to the Easy Journaling Best Journal Apps section any time soon, but for those who just want functionality without frills, it is actually a decent option.

If you are looking for more features and customization, you might want to check out Momento, Day One or Wonderful Days.

Easy Journaling Rating: 5/10